Department News

  • Undergraduate student Alex Pell (Olson Lab) has been awarded an ACS Division of Organic Chemistry Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship.
  • The following students were awarded at the 2019 R. Bryan Miller Symposium:
    • R. Bryan Miller Graduate Summer Research Fellowship:  Wanqing Li (Chen Lab)
    • Francesca Undergraduate Summer Research Award:  Madeline Bright (David Lab)
    • Best Poster Award (Grad) - Kevin Pham (Beal Lab)
    • Best Poster Award (Undergrad) - Alex Pell (Olson Lab)
    • Chemical Science Poster Book Award, Royal Society of Chemistry -  Jayashiri Viswanathan (Olson Lab)
    • Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry Poster Book Award, Royal Society of Chemistry - Lee Dunlap (Olson Lab)
  • "Open-access chemistry textbooks gain popularity" from C&EN highlights the work of Professor Delmar Larsen who heads the LibreTexts consortium, a Wikipedia-style alternative to costly college textbooks.
  • Graduate student Kasey Devlin (Kauzlarich Lab) has been awarded and ACS-DIC Student Travel Award to present a talk at the 2019 Orlando ACS spring meeting entitled "YbACdSb2 (A = Ca, Sr): Zintl phases with low thermal conductivity and high Seebeck coefficient.” 
  • publication from the Olson Lab has been entered into STAT Madness, a competition among the top 64 biomedical discoveries of the year. Vote now for the best ideas in biomedical science!
  • Professor Jacquelyn Gervay-Hague's research on tea, the links between growth conditions and tea-plant quality, and their metabolic processes and interactions with soil microorganisms is highlighted in Nature.

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