A.B. in Chemistry

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Preparatory Subject Matter: 36-42 Units

  • Chemistry: 
    • CHE 2A-2B-2C or 4A-4B-4C
  • Mathematics:
    • MAT 16A-16B-16C or 17A-17B-17C or 21A-21B-21C
  • Physics: PHY 7A-7B-7C or 9A-9B-9C


Depth Subject Matter: 43 Units

  • Analytical Chemistry:
    • CHE 105
  • Inorganic Chemistry:
    • CHE 124A
  • Organic Chemistry:
    • CHE 128A, 128B, 128C, 129A, 129B
  • Physical Chemistry:
    • CHE 110A, 110B, 110C*

At least 11 additional upper division units in chemistry (except CHE 107A or 107B) or related areas, including one course with formal lectures. CHE 199 or 194H strongly encouraged; may include units earned from CHE 197T. For a list of pre-approved courses in related areas, see AB in Chemistry - Approved Electives (PDF). If interested in taking courses not on this list, they must be approved in advance by the major adviser.

*MAT 21A-21B-21C-21D and 22A-22AL-22B are recommended prior to enrolling in the CHE 110 series.


Total Units for the Major: 79-85 Units