Symposium Posters

Poster Session and Lightning Talks at the R. Bryan Miller Memorial Symposium

Undergraduates, graduate students, and post-docs are invited to submit abstracts for a special poster session to be held Thursday, April 13, 2023 from 4:00-7:00 PM. Posters will be presented in person.

Students and postdocs outside of UCD are encouraged to submit posters!

Abstract submission instructions:
  • Include a title, a list of authors with your name underlined, your education status (i.e., undergrad, grad student, post-doc), the name of your PI, Department/University, and your email address. Please follow the Miller Abstract Template (below) for submission.
  • The abstract text itself should contain:
    • (1) A sentence describing the objective of your research; 
    • (2) A brief description of your research methods;
    • (3) A summary of your research results; and
    • (4) A concluding sentence. It should not exceed 400 words. You may include a small graphic in your abstract as a jpg in the same document as your abstract.
  • Include with your abstract a 1-slide PowerPoint lightning talk slide. All poster presenters are expected to give a 1-minute, 1-slide lightning talk before the poster session begins. Please follow the Miller Lightning Talk template PowerPoint (below) for submission, by filling out all text highlighted in yellow. The PowerPoint slide itself should contain:
    • Title, your name, a brief outline, and a figure. 
    • DO NOT include animations, videos, gifs, or transitions.
  • Submit your abstract as a Microsoft Word document and Powerpoint slide to by Thursday, March 30th with “Miller 2023” in the subject line.
More Information:
  • The 2023 Miller Symposium Organizing Committee will select the posters to be displayed. We hope to accommodate everyone, but space is limited.
  • Printed posters should be a maximum size of 3'x4'. UCD presenters can get these printed using Repro Graphics. The template for the poster abstract submission and the lightning talk are attached at the bottom of this page. 
  • Please take note of the schedule of events as poster presenters are expected to participate in the Poster Lighting Talks and the Poster Session.
  • An award for Best Poster (one for graduate students and one for undergraduates) will be presented at the Symposium on Friday afternoon. Postdocs are not eligible for this award. There will be several “special” poster awards that will also be awarded on Friday.
If you have any questions about posters, please contact Joshua Bumgarner ( and Ian Torrence (