Chemistry Graduate Student Association

The Chemistry Graduate Student Association (CGSA) is an organization of Chemistry graduate students that represents their interests, provides community building events and offers additional on-campus resources for graduate students.

About CGSA

All graduate students in the Chemistry Graduate Group are automatically considered constituents of the CGSA and membership is automatically granted to students interested in participating in CGSA business and events.

CGSA serves three main purposes:

  • Coordinates and provides funding for group events, both academic and social, that engage the graduate student body, and when appropriate, staff, faculty and administration.

  • Serve as a forum for graduate student input into current news and events pertaining to the University of California and UC Davis Chemistry Department.

  • Provides Chemistry students access to resources offered by the university-wide Graduate Student Association (GSA).

2019-2020 Executive Committee 

Chair - Angela Zhang

Vice-Chair - Angel Cobo

Secretary - Nina Howard

Treasurer - Anna Lo