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Professors Jared Shaw, Carlito Lebrilla and Annaliese Franz
Professors Jared Shaw, Carlito Lebrilla and Annaliese Franz, Chemistry faculty recipients of the 2018 Academic Senate awards.

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Departmental & Graduate Group Faculty

  • James Ames | Biophysical chemistry and structural biology
  • Shota Atsumi | Synthetic biology and metabolic engineering
  • Matthew Augustine | Magnetic and optical resonance applications to emerging problems
  • Alan Balch | Endohedral fullerenes; luminescence for metal-metal bonding
  • Peter Beal | Nucleic acids chemical biology
  • Louise Berben | Synthetic and physical inorganic chemistry
  • R. David Britt | Biological and synthetic energy catalysis, metalloenzymes, EPR spectroscopy
  • Julia Chamberlain | Active and collaborative learning strategies, education technology, and course transformation
  • Xi Chen | Chemical biology/glycoscience
  • Kyle Crabtree | Astrochemistry, microwave spectroscopy and low-temperature kinetics
  • Sheila David | Chemical biology of DNA repair
  • Davide Donadio | Theory of nanostructures, interfaces and transport phenomena
  • Whitney Duim | Course-based Undergraduate Research Experiences (CUREs)
  • Oliver Fiehn (Molecular and Cellular Biology) | Mass spectrometry and computation chemistry for metabolomics
  • Andrew Fisher | Protein structure-function and X-ray crystallography
  • Annaliese Franz | Organic synthesis, catalysis, and biofuels
  • Jacquelyn Gervay-Hague | Natural products synthesis, tea chemistry, and phytoceuticals
  • David Goodin | Metalloenzyme structure and function
  • Ozcan Gulacar | Problem solving, cognition, and educational technology
  • Ting Guo | X-ray nanochemistry
  • Marie Heffern | Bioinorganic chemistry in nutrition and diseases, chemical biology and imaging
  • Susan Kauzlarich | Synthesis and characterization of inorganic solid state and nanomaterials for emerging technologies
  • Kristie Koski | Materials and condensed matter chemistry
  • Kit Lam (Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine) | Lymphoma, targeted therapy for cancer, molecular imaging, drug development and combinatorial chemistry
  • Donald Land | Interfacial spectroscopy and microscopy of dynamic systems
  • Delmar Larsen | Photoactivated dynamics in sensory proteins and photocatalysis
  • Carlito Lebrilla | Bioanalytical mass spectrometry
  • Gang-yu Liu | Nanoscience and nanoengineering, bioanalytical chemistry
  • Angelique Louie (Biomedical Engineering) | Molecular imaging and novel imaging probes
  • Mark Mascal Organic synthesis, bioenergy research, molecular modeling
  • C. William McCurdy | Theory of ultrafast UV and X-ray laser interactions with molecules
  • Dylan Murray | Protein phase separation and aggregation, magnetic resonance spectroscopy, structural biology, biophysical chemistry
  • David Olson | Organic synthesis and chemical neuroscience
  • Frank Osterloh | Inorganic nanomaterials for solar energy conversion
  • Atul Parikh (Biomedical Engineering) | Biomolecular materials, synthetic chemical biology, soft condensed matter
  • Cody Ross Pitts | Synthetic and physical organic chemistry
  • Philip Power | Synthesis, physical, catalytic and magnetic properties of inorganic and organometallic compounds
  • Jared Shaw | Synthetic methods, natural products, chemical biology
  • Justin Siegel | Computational enzyme design
  • Chenchen Song | Electronic structure method development for excited state dynamics
  • Alexei Stuchebrukhov | Electron and proton transfer dynamics in condensed phases
  • Dean Tantillo | Theoretical organic chemistry, natural products biosynthesis
  • Michael Toney | Enzyme catalysis, functional genomics, and biofuel cells
  • Valentin Taufour (Physics) | Synthesis and characterization of new quantum materials, magnetism, superconductivity
  • Jesús Velázquez | Synthesis and characterization of materials at the meso/nanoscale for energy conversion and environmental remediation
  • Igor Vorobyov (Physiology and Membrane Biology) | Molecular modeling of membrane protein physiology and pharmacology
  • Lee-Ping Wang | Energy conversion in catalysis and biomolecules; theoretical and computational chemistry
  • David Wilson (Molecular and Cellular Biology) | Structural biochemistry
  • Heike Wulff (Pharmacology) | Design of potassium channel modulators
  • Philipp Zerbe (Plant Biology) | Unveiling the diversity of plant metabolism for plant and human health

A key concept of graduate education at UC Davis is the graduate group.  Our graduate programs are organized as interdisciplinary graduate groups, giving students intellectual freedom to transcend disciplines and areas of research. 

Graduate group faculty members outside of the Department of Chemistry have their primary appointments indicated in parentheses above.


Emeriti Faculty

  • William Casey | Reaction kinetics in geochemistry; aqueous clusters
  • Stephen CramerSynchrotron x-ray and campus based vibrational spectroscopy and nitrogenase and hydrogenase
  • Ronald Fawcett | Analytical and physical chemistry
  • William Fink | Theoretical and computational chemistry
  • Edwin Friedrich | Reaction mechanisms and solvolytic kinetics
  • Sevgi Friedrich | Lecturer in organic and general chemistry
  • William Jackson | Photodissociation dynamics with velocity ion imaging
  • Peter Kelly | Environmental, analytical and physical chemistry
  • Mark Kurth | Diversity-oriented synthesis and chemical biology
  • Gerd LaMar | Biophysical and bioinorganic chemistry
  • Claude Meares | Bioconjugate chemistry, protein engineering
  • Kenneth Musker | Coordination chemistry, organosulfur chemistry
  • Krishnan Nambiar | Synthetic bioorganic chemistry and molecular recognition
  • Alexandra Navrotsky | Energetics of ceramic, earth, environmental, and nanophase materials
  • Carl Schmid | Molecular biology
  • Neil Schore | Organic synthesis with polymers, dendrimers, organometallics
  • Kevin Smith | Chemical, biochemical, electrochemical, and spectroscopic
  • Joyce Takahashi | Redox reactions of organosulfur compounds
  • Dino Tinti | Optical and magnetic resonance spectroscopy​​​​​​​
  • Nancy True | Magnetic resonance and microwave spectroscopy​​​​​​​
  • George Zweifel | Organic synthesis via organometallics​​​​​​​​​​​​​​