Orientation Placement Exam Information

Orientation Placement Exam Information

All incoming first-year students who plan to take CHE 2A will need to take the Chemistry Placement Exam.  Please read through the information below for important information.

  • What is the Chemistry Placement Exam
  • The Placement exam in an online exam consisting of 50 questions to check a student’s preparedness to take General Chemistry at UC Davis. to All students who need to enroll in CHE 2A in Fall 2021 must pass the Chemistry Placement exam with a score of 24 +
  • When should I take the Chemistry Placement Exam
  • During your college testing window, you will receive an e-mail the day prior to the first day of the window with instructions.

    College of Letters & Science Window:  5/3-5/10

    College of Biological Science Window: 5/10-5/17

    College of Ag & Environmental Science Window: 5/17-5/24

    College of Engineering Window: 5/24-5/31

  • What if I miss or cannot take the exam during my college's testing window?
  • A “make-up” window will take place 5/31-6/7, an e-mail will be sent to all students who have not taken the placement exam the day prior to the window with exam instructions. You can also take the Placement exam in September (1st testing window: 9/8-9/15, 2nd testing window: 9/22-9/28), prior to Fall Quarter 2021.  You are not able to take the Placement Exam during the Summer Session 1 exam window, that is for students who are taking CHE 2A in Summer Session 1 at UC Davis. 
  • Do I have to take the Placement exam if I don’t need Chemistry for my major?
  • No.  If you do not intend to take CHE 2A at UC Davis you do not have to take the Placement exam.  If you are unsure if you need CHE 2A please visit your major's webpage and direct any questions to your major advisor: https://www.ucdavis.edu/academics/majors .
  • What if I do not score a 24 <
  • If you are not able to score a 24 or more, then you should consider taking time this summer to prepare and study including  an option to complete the ALEKS preparatory online program, which will open on June 28, 2021.  Your next opportunity to take the exam is during the Fall testing window (1st testing window: 9/8-9/15, 2nd testing window: 9/22-9/28). You could also consider enrolling in WLD 041C in Fall Quarter to prepare you to re-take the exam in December and then enroll in CHE 2A in Winter 2022.
  • How many times can I take the Placement exam?
  • You can take the Placement exam one time per testing session. (Orientation, Fall Session 1, Fall Session 2).  After three attempts a petition is required to take the Placement exam for a fourth time.  Fall testing: 1st testing window: 9/8-9/15, 2nd testing window: 9/22-9/28.
  • Can I register for CHE 2A if I have not taken/passed the Placement exam?
  • Yes! You an still enroll in CHE 2A for Fall 2021 if you have not taken or passed the Placement exam.  You will be contacted prior to the Fall testing window in September with exam instructions.  If you fail to get a qualifying score after the second testing window you will be administratively dropped from CHE 2A
  • Do I still need to take the Chemistry Placement Exam if I did well on the SAT or the AP test?
  • Yes. Starting in Fall 2019, to assure enrollment in general chemistry, all students must earn a qualifying score from the Chemistry Placement Exam (24+ for CHE 2A). The Department of Chemistry no longer recognizes scores from the SAT Math, ACT Math, AP Chemistry, or SAT Chemistry as automatic waivers. The Department of Chemistry will administratively drop students who do not qualify for a course in which they enroll.