Donor Awards

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Donor Awards

UC Davis Chemistry is honored and grateful for the continued support from the numerous donors who are committed to ensuring quality education and research now and beyond. Please see below information regarding our amazing donor awards and funds:

  • ACS-Hach Land Grant Scholarship

  • This scholarship between the American Chemical Society, a federally chartered nonprofit, and UC Davis offers two students $10,000 per student, per year. The Office of Undergraduate and Prestigious Scholarships selects two deserving student recipients based on the following criteria: The recipient must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, must be enrolled as a full-time undergraduate student with a declared major in chemistry, and a demonstratable commitment to become a high school chemistry teacher. Recipients must either be a U.S citizen or a lawful permanent resident of the United States, agree to submit a brief annual written statement to the donor describing their career status for the first five years following graduation, and must have a demonstrated financial need.

  • AMPAC Undergraduate Research Summer Award in Chemistry

  • This $8,000 per student award offers summer research funding to three outstanding chemistry undergraduate students per year. Students engaged in chemistry research have the opportunity to explore a career in research and prepare for their future career.

    AMPAC Fine Chemicals (AFC), an SK pharmteco company, is a custom manufacturer of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs, Drug Substances) and registered intermediates for customers in the pharmaceutical industry. Their integrated facilities located in California, Texas, and Virginia specialize in process development, scale-up, and cGMP compliant production from kilograms to multi-ton quantities.

  • Maureen Bellettini Undergraduate Research Scholarship

  • Arturo Bellettini established this scholarship to further the excellent teaching and research in the Department of Chemistry, in memory of his late wife, Maureen Bellettini. The recipient of this $1,500 scholarship, selected by the Office of Undergraduate and Prestigious Scholarships, must maintain a GPA of 3.25 or higher, and should be an upper division student in their junior or senior year of study.

  • Maureen Bellettini Memorial Book Award

  • Arturo Bellettini established this award to further the excellent teaching and research in the Department of Chemistry, in memory of his late wife, Maureen Bellettini. This $400 award will be given to an undergraduate student in the Department of Chemistry.

  • Bradford Borge Scholarship Fund

  • This scholarship was executed jointly from the will of Louis and Mamie H. Borge, in memory of their deceased son, Bradford Borge, who was a graduate student in the Chemistry program. This fund provides financial support to graduate students in the Department of Chemistry. This is a highly competitive scholarship and applicants must demonstrate high promise for excellence in chemical research.

  • Robert K. Brinton Graduate Award in Chemistry

  • The original purpose of this award was to support continuing graduate students in chemistry who have successfully completed their first year of graduate study. It was later amended to support graduate students in chemistry to cover research, expenses, and travel when attending conferences to present their work/research.

  • Chemistry Undergraduate Research Endowment Fund

  • The purpose of the Chemistry Undergraduate Research Endowment Fund, established in 2023 by John MacMillan Ph.D. and Karen MacMillan Ph.D., is to support summer research for outstanding undergraduate students in the Chemistry department.

  • The Fred P. Corson/Dow Chemical Company Graduate Fellowship in Chemistry

  • This fund was established upon Fred Corson’s retirement from the Dow Chemical Company in 1998. The Fellowship is awarded based on academic excellence and professional potential and will be used to leverage the recruitment of the nation’s most sought-after graduate students. The top tier graduate program applicants who have initially accepted an offer from UC Davis are invited to a special weekend at UC Davis. Lab tours, faculty interviews, and student meetings are scheduled throughout the weekend that ends at a dinner with department faculty and students

  • Edmund and Wilma Fink Memorial Award

  • The Edmund and Wilma Fink Memorial Award was established in 2010 by William H Fink, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry. He named the fund after his parents, Edmund and Wilma Fink. The award supports graduate students studying Theoretical or Physical Chemistry.

  • George and Jackie Hague International Graduate Student Award

  • The George and Jackie Hague International Graduate Student Award was established in 2011 by George Hague and Jacquelyn Gervay-Hague. This award enables the Chemistry Department to offer recruitment incentives to one or more top international applicants each year, with a preference for international students from Taiwan.

  • Susan M. Kauzlarich Graduate Fellowship in Inorganic Chemistry, with Matching Support from the Graduate Student Fellowship Matching Initiative

  • The Kauzlarich Inorganic Award was established in 2012 by the Department of Chemistry Chair, Susan Kauzlarich. Professor Kauzlarich used the proceeds from being awarded with the Garvin-Olin Prize for 2013 with the intent of helping women in science. The award provides support to junior or senior undergraduate Chemistry majors whose research is focused on Inorganic Chemistry with preference given to female or underrepresented students.

  • Kauzlarich Inorganic Award, with Matching Support from the UC Davis Foundation

  • This award, established in 2012 by the Department of Chemistry Chair, Professor Susan Kauzlarich, provides research support annually for one or more chemistry major undergraduates of junior or senior status whose research is focused on inorganic chemistry. The award is to be presented with a preference to female or other underrepresented students.

    Applicant must be in "good standing" in the Chemistry department and have a minimum GPA of 3.25. Applicants must have two letters of recommendation submitted on their behalf (one nomination, one supporting); A one-half page summary of intended accomplishments for summer research; and the standard undergraduate application.

  • Raymond M. Keefer Endowment

  • This Fellowship was established through a bequest by Hilda Keefer, the widow of Raymond Keefer, when she passed away in December of 2015. Raymond Keefer was a professor at UC Davis and was the first to obtain a Ph.D. in chemistry at UC Davis. This Fellowship supports graduate students in the chemistry department.

  • Richard C. Larock Undergraduate Scholarship

  • This scholarship aims to support third- or fourth-year undergraduate chemistry majors with a GPA of 3.5 or higher. The fund provides an annual scholarship starting at $4,000, aiming to reach at least $5,000 over time. Ideally, recipients are involved in chemistry research and demonstrate financial need.

    Richard C. Larock encourages leveraging their gift to inspire more contributions from alumni and friends for chemistry scholarships. There's a possibility of future donations matching funds for similar undergraduate scholarships in chemistry.

  • Richard C. Larock Undergraduate Research Conference


    This annual conference provides an opportunity for undergraduate chemistry students to present their research, which enables avenues to explore career paths in related fields and identify individual interests prior to graduate school or other professional pursuits. This fund may also include student awards for research presentations, student and faculty recognition, and general program support for the conference.


  • Larock Outstanding Graduating Senior Award

  • This award provides support to a maximum of three top graduating senior(s) per academic year, with no restriction to any major within chemistry. The recipient(s) must have a GPA of at least 3.6 and will be selected based on their research experience (length, depth, and breadth), publication record, awards and/or scholarships, and other distinguishing academic accomplishments.

  • August "Gus" Maki Memorial Fund

  • This fund was established in 2010 in memory of Professor Emeritus Gus Maki, a professor of chemistry from 1974-1994. This fund is a fellowship that supports graduate students studying physical chemistry.

  • R. Bryan Miller Memorial Endowment Fund

  • The R. Bryan Miller Memorial Endowment Fund, established in 2000 through a series of gifts in memory of R. Bryan Miller, Professor of Chemistry from 1968 and Chair of the Department from 1985-1990, provides graduate student scholarships and fellowships in the Department of Chemistry in conjunction with the annual Miller Symposium.

    Sundeep Dugar and his wife made a significant gift to this fund in 2007.

  • Dr. Mohsen Najafi Pharmaceutical Chemistry Research Fund

  • This fund provides an annual research award to support the best pharmaceutical chemistry research idea submitted by a faculty member, graduate student, or undergraduate student in the Department of Chemistry at UC Davis. The selection committee prioritizes research ideas focusing on aging diseases and/or research ideas with the potential for commercial viability when making their selection.

    The award is intended to provide support for pharmaceutical or medicinal chemistry research relating to any aspect of aging, with a preferred emphasis on neurological problems including but not limited to dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and related conditions. Although it is expected that the research to be supported will have a strong chemistry focus, a trajectory that suggests potential translational applications will be welcome.

    Two alumni of our department, Dr. Ramin (Ron) Najafi, Ph.D. 1989 (with Prof. George Zweifel), and Dr. Katy Najafi-Tagol, B.S. 1990, and their brother, Mr. Alex Najafi have generously funded this award to support research in Chemistry. The award is made in memory of their father, Dr. Mohsen Najafi, Pharm.D.

    The award is in the form of a one-year $30,000 seed grant that will hopefully enable the recipient to initiate a proof-of-concept research effort, the results of which might ultimately lead to extramural funding from sources such as the NIH or the SBIR program.

  • Marilyn M. Olmstead Graduate Student Research Fund for Excellence in Inorganic Chemistry

  • The Marilyn M. Olmstead Graduate Student Research Fund for Excellence in Inorganic Chemistry provides support for graduate students in chemistry who share similar life experiences to Marilyn Olmstead, enabling them to comprehend and overcome obstacles often encountered by women. Recipients of this fund embody Marilyn's values and qualities, displaying the potential to excel in inorganic chemistry research. Established through memorial gifts after Marilyn's untimely passing in a biking accident in September 2020, the fund serves as a tribute to her remarkable contributions. Marilyn's journey, as detailed in her obituary, underscores her achievements as a pioneer in crystallography, an exceptional educator, and a trailblazer for women in science. Her husband, Alan Olmstead, seeks to honor her legacy by supporting scholars who share her passion for chemistry and her dedication to mentorship

  • Lakshmi Raman Graduate Summer Research Award

  • The Lakshmi Raman Graduate Summer Research Award honors Dr. Lakshmi Raman, a physicist who championed women's education in STEM. It supports female students in Chemistry, prioritizing those who understand women's challenges in STEM or promote women's advancement in education. Preference is given to students in Physical Chemistry or Physics-related fields, with second preference to interdisciplinary areas. Eligible candidates are Ph.D. chemistry students with strong academic records and research potential. Recipients receive $1000 initially, with at least two students awarded per year, increasing as the fund allows. They can receive the award up to three times. Professor Dino Tinti facilitated the award's establishment, with input from Dr. Jared Shaw, the Chemistry Department chair.

  • Peter A. Rock Graduate Fellowship in Chemistry

  • Established in 2006 in memory of Peter A. Rock, founding Dean of the Division of Math and Physical Sciences, who served as a Professor of Chemistry, Department Chair, and Dean at UCD from 1964-2003, the memorial fund supports graduate students in physical chemistry within the Department of Chemistry. A department committee selects the recipient who would best exemplify the highest academic merit and research promise in physical chemistry.

  • Tara K Telford Fund for Cystic Fibrosis Research

  • The endowment, established in 2010 supports graduate students involved in Cystic Fibrosis research within graduate groups administered by the Office of Graduate Studies at UC Davis. Preference is given to students working with Professor Mark Kurth from the Department of Chemistry. The current use fund, established in 2008, is dedicated to finding a cure for Cystic Fibrosis, led by Professor Kurth, and was initiated to honor Tara Telford, an alumna of UC Davis who lives with the disease.

  • Tinti Family Award

  • The purpose of the Tinti Family Award is to reward first-generation students in the College of Letters and Science pursuing a degree in Chemistry.

    First-generation undergraduates in their sophomore year or beyond, pursuing either a B.S. in Chemistry certified by the American Chemical Society, or a B.S. or A.B. in any Chemistry area offered by the Department of Chemistry, are eligible. Additionally, first-generation Ph.D. students who have advanced to candidacy can apply. They must be engaged in research either in physical chemistry or chemical physics with a faculty member primarily from the Department of Chemistry or in any Chemistry area offered by the Department of Chemistry.

    Dino S. and Diana L. Tinti, recognizing the challenges faced by first-generation college students, are offering this monetary award. Diana, despite being born in the U.S., was the first in her family to attend college but didn't complete her degree to care for their children. Dino's parents immigrated from Italy, working hard to ensure he had opportunities for education while supporting their family. Their intention for this award is for both undergraduate and graduate students to benefit equally from the fund over time.

  • Viscio Family Fellowship

  • The Viscio Family Fellowship, established in 2023 by David Viscio Ph.D., provides fellowship support broadly to one or more students in the Chemistry and Chemical Biology graduate program.

  • David and Ruth Volman Graduate Fellowship in Chemistry

  • The David and Ruth Volman Graduate Fellowship in Chemistry was established in 2007 by the children of David and Ruth Volman (Daniel, Susan, and Susan’s husband Thomas). Davis was a professor of Chemistry at UC Davis from 1940-1986 and was department chair from 1974-1980. Ruth passed away in 2001 and David passed away in 2007. This fund supports one or more graduate students in the Department of Chemistry based on high academic merit and research promise.

  • Shang Fa and Eleanor Yang Scholarly Exchange Endowment

  • The Shang Fa and Eleanor Yang Scholarly Exchange Endowment, established in 2008 by the widow of Shang Fa Yang, a distinguished Professor Emeritus in the Department of Plant Sciences from 1966 to 1994, honors his remarkable legacy. Following his tenure, he assumed the role of Vice President of Academia Sinica in Taiwan. Yang's pioneering research contributed significantly to preserving the freshness of fruits and flowers and led to the naming of a plant respiratory process after him, known as the Yang Cycle.

    The endowment's proceeds primarily support travel expenses, with additional provisions for housing, research, and programmatic resources, furthering collaborative efforts between the two institutions. Beneficiaries encompass faculty, postdoctoral scholars, and graduate or undergraduate students, collectively recognized as the Yang Scholars. This initiative facilitates exchanges between UC Davis and Academia Sinica, Taiwan, spanning agricultural, biological, and chemical sciences.