Degrees in Chemistry

A biological sciences major at UC Davis, heats a beaker and checks the color for a chemical reaction during a Chemistry 2C lab at UC Davis on Tuesday, April 29, 2014.  The students were preforming qualitative analysis on a solution, trying to identify the five cations present.

Undergraduate Degree Programs

We offer several degree programs leading to the Bachelor of Arts (A.B.) and the Bachelor of Science (B.S.). To meet and discuss these programs with our staff and peer advisers, see Academic Advising.

Overview of Our Programs

The curriculum leading to the A.B. degree offers a substantive program in chemistry, while allowing students the freedom to take more courses in other disciplines and pursue a broad liberal arts education. Students with a deeper interest in chemistry should choose one of the several programs leading to the B.S. degree.

The general B.S. degree program, which is accredited by the American Chemical Society, is well-suited for students interested in chemistry as a profession. The other B.S. programs focus on a specific area of applied chemistry: Chemical Physics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry and Forensic Chemistry. These programs are a little less intensive in chemistry and draw on significant course material from areas relevant to their particular field but fall outside of a classical chemistry degree.

Degree Prospects

Chemistry graduates with Bachelor's degrees are employed extensively throughout various industries in quality control, research and development, production supervision, technical marketing, and other areas. The types of industries employing graduates include chemical, energy, pharmaceutical, genetic engineering, biotechnology, food and beverage, petroleum and petrochemical, paper and textile, electronics and computer, and environmental and regulatory agencies. The Bachelor's programs also provide chemistry graduates with the rigorous preparations needed for an advanced degree in chemistry and various professional schools in the health sciences.