Third-Year Seminar

A seminar presentation is required of all Ph.D. students to demonstrate that you are making sufficient research and dissertation progress. This is typically in the Winter or Spring quarter of your third year in the program, after successfully passing your QE.


Purpose of the Seminar

  • To give you formal cause to evaluate your research progress
  • To give you valuable experience in organizing and presenting your science
  • To calibrate the expectations of students in their first and second year as to the expectations placed on students in their third year
  • To allow your dissertation committee to monitor and evaluate your progress

Format of the Seminar

  • You will be contacted by the Assistant Professor in charge of CHE 294 to select a date in which your Dissertation Committee is available to attend.
  • Each graduate student speaker shall deliver a 25-minute lecture and expect to entertain approximately five minutes of questions.
  • You should state the research issue, discuss the importance or relevance of the research, present and analyze research data and conclude with a statement about future research goals.
  • You are encouraged to meet with your Dissertation Committee prior to giving your seminar in order to foster interaction with and contribution by the committee.
  • We recommend preparing for your seminar by reading pertinent information found in the ACS Style Guide: Effective Communication of Scientific Information.

Evaluation of the Seminar

  • You are encouraged to meet with your Dissertation Committee within two weeks after the seminar to evaluate your performance and research progress.
  • If your Dissertation Committee decides that either poor delivery or insufficient science warrants a repeat seminar, this will be scheduled for another date approximately six months later.
  • All students are strongly encouraged to schedule future meetings (perhaps every six months) with his or her Dissertation Committee to ensure continued satisfactory progress towards the doctoral degree.