R. Bryan Miller Symposium

2017 Miller Symposium group photo

19th Annual R. Bryan Miller Symposium

FEBRUARY 28 - MARCH 1, 2019

The Miller Symposium celebrates Professor Bryan Miller's pioneering research, which laid the groundwork for the current thriving research programs in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Chemical Biology in the Department of Chemistry at UC Davis. Top speakers from the world of chemical biology will share cutting edge research results and perspectives on the future of biologically relevant chemistry research.


Thursday, February 28 - "Chemistry and Biology of Pain"

Justin Du Bois
Justin DuBois, Stanford (Plenary Speaker)

Jon Sack
Jon Sack, UC Davis

Jian Payandeh
Jian Payandeh, Genentech Inc.

Narulain Zaveri
Nurulain Zaveri, Astraea Therapeutics

5:00 PM - 6:00 PM: ACS Poster Session and Opening Reception


Friday, March 1 - Miller Symposium

Alanna Schepartz
Alanna Schepartz, Yale (Plenary Speaker)

Eranthine Weerapana
Eranthie Weerapana, Boston College

Duncan Lascelles
B Duncan Lascelles, Centrexion Therapeuties

Ann Weber
Ann Weber, Kallyope, Merck

Sundeep Dugar
Sundeep Dugar, Cardero Therapeuties

Hosea Nelson
Hosea Nelson, UCLA

Special Address: Special address: Arthur Wellman, Esq. Wellman Law Firm, CEO