R. Bryan Miller Symposium

2017 Miller Symposium group photo

18th Annual R. Bryan Miller Symposium

MARCH 15-16, 2018

The Miller Symposium celebrates Professor Bryan Miller's pioneering research, which laid the groundwork for the current thriving research programs in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Chemical Biology in the Department of Chemistry at UC Davis. Top speakers from the world of chemical biology will share cutting edge research results and perspectives on the future of biologically relevant chemistry research.


Thursday, March 15


8:30 AM: Registration and Coffee/Pastries

9:00 AM: Opening Remarks
Justin Siegel, Faculty Director of the Innovation Institute for Food & Health, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Biochemistry & Molecular Medicine

9:10 AM: Opening Plenary Speaker
Jon Clardy, Harvard Medical School
"Eavesdropping on Bacteria"

10:00 AM: BREAK

10:30 AM: Jessica Green, CTO of Phylagen, Inc.
"Microbiomes of the Built Environment"

11:00 AM: Steven Frese, Evolve Biosystems
"Restoring The Gut Microbiome: The Intersection of Ecology, Evolution & Biochemistry"

11:30 AM: LUNCH

1:00 PM: Susan Lynch, UC San Francisco
"Canary in the Coal Mine - Early Life Gut Microbiome as a Determinant of Allergic Asthma Development in Childhood"

1:30 PM: Trent Northen, Berkeley Lab Biosciences
"Exometabolomics Linking Genomes with Environments to understand how Webs of Microbes Sustain Biomes"

2:00 PM: Pieter Dorrestein, UC San Diego
"Digitizing the Chemistry of Microbes"

2:30 PM: BREAK

3:00 PM: Announcements, Etc.

Glenn Nedwin, 2nd Genome

"Leading the Next Paradigm Shift in Science & Medicine"

4:20 PM: Closing Remarks
Justin Siegel

4:30 PM: ACS Poster Session


Friday, March 16


8:00 AM: Registration and Coffee/Pastries

8:45 AM: Opening Remarks
Sheila David, Professor of Chemistry and Chair of the Miller Symposium

9:15 AM: Carlito Lebrilla, Professor of Chemistry, UC Davis
"The Role of Cell Surface Glycosylation in Mediating Host-Microbe Interaction"

10:00 AM: Vanita Sood, Sr. Director, EMD Serono
"Computational Applications for Biological & Small Molecule Drug Candidate Optimization: Exploring Chemical & Sequence Space Efficiently"

10:45 AM: BREAK

11:15 AM: Helen Blackwell, Professor of Chemistry, University of Wisconsin
"Synthetic Ligands for the Interception of Bacterial Communication: New Languages, New Outcomes"

12:00 PM: LUNCH

1:30 PM: Iyassu Sebhat, Sr. Director of Chemistry, Kallyope
"AMPK & Beyond: The Muscle, Heart and Guts of Metabolism"

2:15 PM: Erin Carlson, University of Minnesota
"Interception Bacterial Signaling for Antibiotic Discovery"

3:00 PM: Arthur A. Wellman, Jr., Pranger Law PC

3:20 PM: BREAK

3:45 PM: Presentation of Awards

Michael Marletta, UC Berkeley

"Nitric Oxide in Biology and Medicine"

5:30 PM: Symposium Concludes