Tutors in Chemistry

Teaching Assistant Tim Shelton, a graduate student in chemistry, goes over students' questions outside the Chemistry Annex on Tuesday, March 18, 2014.

The tutors listed below, in no particular order, are graduate students or postdocs in the Department of Chemistry. All tutoring arrangements are strictly between you and your tutor. The Department takes no responsibility for the quality of the tutoring experience.

Peer tutoring is also available at no charge for select upper division courses.

NOTE: A graduate student may not tutor any student in a course which they are also a TA for in the immediate quarter. Should this occur, both individuals will be promptly referred to Student Judicial Affairs. For example, if you need tutoring for CHE 2A, you may not be tutored by any graduate student who is currently a TA for any instructor of CHE 2A.


Graduate Student Tutors

Robert Van Ostrand

  • CHE 2A/B/C, CHE 8A/B, CHE 118 A/B/C, CHE 128 A/B/C, CHE 135, BIS 102, BIS 103
  • I'm a 2nd year Chemistry Ph.D. graduate student, Bio-organic Track, with four years of experience tutoring and teaching chemistry and biology. I am passionate about science and want to help you in pursuit of your degree, it can be a struggle and I understand that, please contact me if you would like to schedule time.

Thomas Bass

  • CHE 2A, 2B, 2C
  • I taught general chemistry workshop as an undergraduate student at my Bachelor's University, and have thorough experience teaching general chemistry concepts to students. As an undergraduate, I developed my own worksheets and materials to help students prepare for exams and learn new concepts, and had much success doing so. I have served as a TA for the CHE 2 series here at UC Davis.

Shivani Bansal

  • 118A,118B,118C,2A,2B,2C
  • I am a second year graduate student. I have taught 2 series and 118 series. I have TA'ed for these courses over the last two years and love to help students understand more and more about chemistry!

Bin Wang
$45/hr, negotiable esp for group tutoring

  • Chem 2, Chem 8, Chem 118 series, and all the other Chem courses like 124
  • 2nd year Chemistry Ph.D. student. Contact me for more details.

Fernanda Bononi

  • CHE 2ABC, CHE 8AB, CHE 118ABC, BIS 102
  • I am a 4th year PhD student in biological chemistry and I have been a TA/tutor at UC Davis for 3 years now (2A, 2B, 2C, 118A and 118B). I have also taught organic chemistry labs for 2 years before coming to UC Davis. I will be glad to help with your chemistry questions

Jiali zhang
$30/ hour

  • chem 2ABC, chem 8AB, Mat 17,21 series
  • Extensive teaching experience in general chem and organic chem series as well as calculus course

Leanna Monteleone

  • CHEM 8A, 8B, 118A, 118B
  • I'm a fourth year PhD candidate chemistry graduate student. I have TA for CHEM 8B, CHEM 118B and CHEM 118C. I have over six years of tutoring experience. Please contact me if you would like some extra help with organic chemistry!

Charlie Tapio

  • CHE 2ABC, 8AB
  • 3rd year grad student. I have been a TA for both general and organic chemistry. 5+ years experience tutoring undergraduate and high school chemistry.

Kori Lay

  • Chem 2A/B/C, 8A, 118A
  • I am a third year graduate student with an organic chemistry emphasis. I have TAed for 118B, 128A, and 135, and I have tutored for all of the 2 series, 8A and B, and 118A and B. I was an instructor for general chemistry for 1 year before graduate school.

Saheli Chatterjee

  • 118C, 2A, 2C
  • I am a second year grad student with a Masters in organic chemistry. I've been a TA for the courses 118C, 2A, 2C and 107B

Jackson Zhu

  • CHE8 and CHE118
  • 8 years of teaching ex-perience in organic chemistry and 3 years experience as a chemistry lecturer and exam writer. Find more about me on Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=YLuAO4kAAAAJ

Jonathan Sarker
$30/hour, group rates negotiable

  • Chemistry and Physics: CHE 2ABC, 107AB, 110ABC
  • Biophysics Ph.D., B.S. Biochemistry. Ask for details. Science is fun when you understand it. Allow me to pass that on to you.

Savannah Conlon

  • CHE 2A/B/C, CHE 8A/B, CHE 118A/B/C, CHE 135, BIS 102, BIS 103
  • I'm a first year Chemistry Ph.D. student with an emphasis in bio-organic chemistry. I have TA'd for a range of classes already and can assist you with any general chemistry, organic chemistry, or biochemistry classes. I earned my B.S. in Chemistry with a minor in biology and have previous teaching experience as well.

Daniel Gruber

  • 2A, 2B, 2C
  • 3rd yr graduate student and PhD candidate in Chemical Physics

Han Ruirui

  • CHE 2A 2B 2C
  • 3rd year graduate student. Experienced and patient.

Kim Trevino
$30/hr; Groups negotiable.

  • CHE 2A, 2B, 2C, 124A
  • 4th year graduate student with 5+ years of experience tutoring general chemistry. I'm very patient and eager to help!

Shabnam Jafari
25$/hr, Group rates available by email

  • 118 Series (A,B,C)
  • I am a Chemistry Ph.D graduate student, organic track. I have been teaching organic chemistry for the past 2 years here at UC Davis. I have also taught organic chemistry for 2 year in my previous school in Illinois, before coming to UC Davis. I you struggle with your organic courses, I will be happy to help you out


Peer Tutors

Our peer tutors have previously taken these courses and have the permission of our current instructors to assist you. Tutoring sessions are free and open to all. (2018 Summer Session 1)

  • CHE 107A - Kexin Huang
  • CHE 118C - Sabrina Lazar
  • CHE 118C - Talha Kilic


  • Kexin Huang, 11:00a-12:30p (111 Everson Hall)
  • Talha Kilic, 12:30-1:45p (111 Everson Hall)


  • Sabrina Lazar, 11:00a-1:00p (Physical Science & Engineering Library, Basement Level)
  • Kexin Huang, 1:00-2:30p (111 Everson Hall)


  • Talha Kilic, 12:00-1:30p (111 Everson Hall)