Teaching Assistant Tim Shelton, a graduate student in chemistry, goes over students' questions outside the Chemistry Annex on Tuesday, March 18, 2014.

Tutors in Chemistry

The tutors listed below, in no particular order, are graduate students or postdocs in the Department of Chemistry. All tutoring arrangements are strictly between you and your tutor. The Department takes no responsibility for the quality of the tutoring experience.

NOTE: A graduate student may not tutor any student in a course which they are also a TA for in the immediate quarter. Should this occur, both individuals will be promptly referred to Student Judicial Affairs. For example, if you need tutoring for CHE 2A, you may not be tutored by any graduate student who is currently a TA for any instructor of CHE 2A.


Graduate Student Tutors

    Matthew Orellana
    $45 / hr

    • CHE 2A/B/C, CHE 8A/B, CHE 118A/B/C, CHE 130A, CHE 150
    • I am a 4th year in the Ph.D. program doing research in organic chemistry. I specialize in relating chemistry to biology. My tutoring style is geared toward MCAT level understanding of organic chemistry - realizing the material have the same first principles even if they look completely different to you. My rate includes the time I spend on my own preparing ahead of time for a structured session with you.

    Kathleen Becker
    $40 / hr (long term & group rates available)

    • CHE 2A/B/C, CHE 8A, CHE 118A, CHE 124A/B/C, MAT 12
    • I am a 4th year PhD student in chemistry with 8 years of tutoring and teaching experience in math, physics, and chemistry at the college level.

    Sam Assavachin
    $40 / hr

    • CHE 2A/B/C
    • I am a fourth year PhD Candidate in an inorganic chemistry lab. I have taught 8 quarters of general chemistry here at UC Davis. I can teach any topics as you request, but can also prep you for the midterms and finals. I'd be happy to assist you in any way based on your preferences.

    Lilia Baldauf
    $30 / hr (contact for group rates)

    • CHE 2A/B/C, CHE 129A, CHE 124A
    • I am a fourth year PhD Candidate in an inorganic chemistry lab. Since my time at Davis I have taught for 9 quarters. I will always tailor my tutoring style to your preferred learning style, so I'd be happy to assist you in any way this quarter!

    RJ Tombari
    $40 / hr 

    • CHE 2A/B/C, CHE 8A/B, CHE 118A/B/C, CHE 128A/B/C
    • I am a 4th year PhD student studying bio-organic chemistry. My focus is in organic synthesis as well as the biological applications of novel molecules.

    Matt Dyer
    $30-40 / hr (contact me for group rates)

    • CHE 8A/B, CHE 118A/B/C, CHE 128A/B/C, CHE 129A/B/C
    • I am a 2nd year PhD student in organic synthesis. I'm dedicating my time to tutoring because I genuinely enjoy the process of finding the best way for each of my students to learn and understand organic chemistry. During my undergrad at Boston University, many things strengthened my desire to make organic chemistry interesting for people, but those which contributed the most were: taking and tutoring for upper and lower level classes in organic chemistry, three years of research experience in an organic synthesis lab, and hosting general organic study sessions for members of BU's chemistry association.  

    Anna Lo
    $45 / hr 

    • CHE 8A/B, CHE 118A/B/C, CHE 128A/B/C, CHE 129
    • I am a 5th year PhD student in Organic Chemistry at UC Davis. With 4 years of experience working with both students and professors from these classes, I hope to cater everyone’s studying and tutoring experience to not only the class they are taking but also the teaching methods those professors employ. I have head TA experience in the 118, 128 and 129 series which means I have actively participated in the structuring and formation of questions for your exams. I believe Organic Chemistry should be fun, enjoyable, and an opportunity for you to challenge yourself and gain a cool new skill. Email me if you have any questions about group rates!

    Samuel Janisse
    $30 / hr 

    • CHE 2A/B/C, CHE 118A/B/C, CHE 135
    • I am a 4th year PhD student in Chemistry. I have combined 5+ years of experience teaching and tutoring general and organic chemistry. I have immensely enjoyed helping students understand the complexities of chemistry and would love to help you!

    Jiahui Wei
    $50 / hr

    • CHE 118A/B/C
    • 4th year PhD in organic, learned 118 series in 2015-2016, TAed /tutored 118 series for 5+ years, head TA for 118 series for 3+ quarters.

    Savannah Conlon
    $30 / hr

    • 2A/B/C, 8A/B, 118A/B/C, 135, BIS102/103
    • I am a 3rd year PhD candidate in a biochemistry research lab. I have had several years of chemistry tutoring experience and have taught a wide range of chemistry classes here at UC Davis. I would be happy to help you this quarter!

    Rowan Brower
    $30 / hr (contact me for group rates)

    • CHE 2A/B/C, Environmental Water Chemistry, CHE 8A, CHE 124A
    • I am currently a 3rd year analytical student in the Velázquez lab and I have been the TA for all of the courses above. My teaching style is flexible and I can alter how I explain things to best suit your learning style!

    Sarah Costa
    $30 - $40 / hr

    • CHE 2A/B/C, CHE 124A
    • I am a third year PhD Candidate in an inorganic chemistry lab. Since my time at Davis I have taught for 8 quarters. I am dedicated to tailoring my tutoring style to your learning style and I look forward to hearing from you. 

    Will DeSnoo
    $45 / hr (contact me for group rates)

    • CHE 2A/B/C, CHE 8A/B, CHE 107A/B, CHE 118A/B/C, CHE 128A/B/C
    • I'm a PhD student in physical organic chemistry. I have extensive experience TAing/teaching undergraduate students for 6 years. I facilitate a positive teaching environment where students feel comfortable sharing their educational needs! Feel free to contact me if you are interested.

    Daniel Zoltek
    $25 / hr

    • CHE 2A/B/C, CHE 8 A/B, CHE 135
    • Hello, I have a MS in chemistry and am a third year chemistry PhD candidate. I have 5 years of experience as a TA in different flavors of chemistry. I enjoy teaching chemistry and breaking concepts down into fundamental patterns. Anyone can conquer chemistry with the right tools.

    Victorio Juaregui
    $35 / hr

    • CHE 8A/B, CHE 118A/B/C
    • I am a 3rd year PhD candidate in Organic Chemistry. I received my undergraduate degree in Chemistry, and have 3 years of TA and tutoring experience in Organic Chemistry courses with both lab and discussion components (from undergraduate and graduate experiences). Mostly focused in Organic Chemistry because I love it. I am happy to help so feel free to reach out! Have taught/head TA'd 118B and taught 8A.

    David Morales
    $30 / hr

    • CHE 2A/B/C, CHE 8 A/B, Analytical Chemistry
    • I am a 2nd year Ph.D. student in analytical chemistry, I have been teaching/ tutoring general chemistry since my sophomore year in Undergraduate.  This is my second year being a teaching assistant for the general chemistry series at Davis. I am here to help you reach your academic goals in chemistry. 

    Zachary Buchanan
    $40 / hr

    • CHE 2A/B, CHE 4A/B/C, CHE 105, CHE 110A/B, CHE 115, CHE 125
    • I'm a 7th year physical chemistry student.  I have 18 quarters of experience TAing 110, 105/115/125 and 4, with 3 years of experience TAing general chemistry and analytical chemistry before coming to grad school.  I prefer to have an idea of what topics you'd like to cover before coming to the session, as that gives me a chance to quickly review what we're going to talk about, so we don't waste your time while I figure out what you're asking.

    Maggie Berrens
    $25-35 / hr

    • CHE 2A/B, CHE 100, CHE 107A/B, CHE 110A/B/C
    • I am a 2nd year PhD student in a physical chemistry research lab. At my undergraduate institution I worked at my school's tutoring center and took several classes focused on understanding the theory and best practices of tutoring. Here at UC Davis I have taught a range of chemistry classes. Because of my background, I am well equipped to adapt my teaching style to your needs and classes you are taking! I am happy to help so feel free to contact me!