Tutors in Chemistry

Teaching Assistant Tim Shelton, a graduate student in chemistry, goes over students' questions outside the Chemistry Annex on Tuesday, March 18, 2014.

The tutors listed below, in no particular order, are graduate students or postdocs in the Department of Chemistry. All tutoring arrangements are strictly between you and your tutor. The Department takes no responsibility for the quality of the tutoring experience.

NOTE: A graduate student may not tutor any student in a course which they are also a TA for in the immediate quarter. Should this occur, both individuals will be promptly referred to Student Judicial Affairs. For example, if you need tutoring for CHE 2A, you may not be tutored by any graduate student who is currently a TA for any instructor of CHE 2A.


Graduate Student Tutors

Croix Laconsay
$30 / hr 

  • CHE 8 A/B, CHE 118 A/B/C, CHE 128 A/B/C
  • I am a third-year PhD Candidate in Chemistry. I have 6+ quarters of TA experience, mostly teaching Organic Chemistry. Please contact me if you are interested.

Samuel Janisse
$30 / hr 

  • CHE 2 A/B/C, CHE 118 A/B/C, CHE 135
  • I am a 3rd year Ph.D student in Chemistry. I have combined 5+ years of experience teaching and tutoring general and organic chemistry. I have immensely enjoyed helping students understand the complexities of chemistry and would love to help you!

Fernanda Bononi
$40 / hr 

  • CHE 2 A/B/C, CHE 8 A/B, CHE 118 A/B/C, CHE 128 A/B/C
  • I am a 5th year graduate student. I have been a TA here in Davis for the past 5 years and I have been a head TA for all the 118 series. I will be glad to help you with your chemistry problems.

Bin Wang
$60 / hr (group rates available via email)

  • CHE 2 A/B, CHE 8 A/B, CHE 118 A/B/C, CHE 124 A and MAT 16-22
  • I am a 4th year Chemistry PhD Candidate.

Nate Harder
$30 / hr (less for groups)

  • CHE 2 A/B, CHE 8 A/B, CHE 118 A/B/C, CHE 124 A, CHE 135, and MCB 120L
  • I am a 3rd year graduate student and have 3+ years of tutoring and TA experience.

Justin O'sullivan
$30 / hr

  • CHE 2 A/B/C, CHE 8 A/B, CHE 118 A/B/C, and CHE 128 A/B/C
  • I am a 3rd year graduate student in Marie Heffern's lab. I am on the organic PhD track and my research uses organic synthesis to answer complex biological questions. Previously, I’ve tutored Organic Chemistry to students studying for the MCAT and other standardized exams. 

Miqdad Raza
$30 / hr

  • CHE 2A/B/C
  • I have been a TA at UC Davis for the past 2 years, and have taught classes in Chemistry, Mathematics, Materials Science, and Chemical Engineering. Over the past 2 years, I have taught over 150 students in the Chemistry 2 Series (2A/B/C). I have also been a tutor for the past 4 years and have tutored middle school, high school and college level students.

Elizabeth Lotsof
$40 / hr (individual); $55  /person / hr (group, 2+)

  • CHE 2A/B/C, CHE 8A/B, CHE 118A/B/C
  • I am a 3rd year Chemistry PhD student. I have taught a number of undergraduate and upper division chemistry courses and will be happy to help you with any of your tutoring needs!

Linnea Dolph
$30 / hr

  • 2C, 118B/C, 128B/C
  • I am a first year, organic-track graduate student that has been teaching and tutoring general and organic chemistry for four years. Please send me an email if you are interested in working together!

Kathleen Becker
$30 / hr (less for groups)

  • CHE 02C, CHE 124, CHE 105, MAT 00, MAT 12, MAT 16, MAT 21(A/B)
  • Second year graduate student in chemistry program with 5 years of tutoring experience in math, physics, and chemistry. 

Agya Karki
$35 / hr

  • CHE 8B, CHE 118A/B, and CHE 124A
  • I have been a TA for 118B multiple quarters and was the head TA for a quarter for this course. I have also been a TA for CHE 2C and CHE 8B. I took the 124A course here and really enjoyed it and would love to help any students struggling.

Robert Van Ostrand
$30 / hr

  • CHE 2A/B/C, CHE 8A/B, CHE 118A/B/C, CHE 128A/B/C, CHE 135, BIS 102, BIS 103
  • My name is Robert, and I am a 3rd year PhD student in Chemistry, Bio-organic Track. I have been teaching chemistry and biology for over 5 years. I know how difficult getting through your course work can be, and I would like to help you do your best. Please contact me if you’d like my help.

Wen Fu
$40 / hr

  • CHE 2 series, 8 series, 118 series
  • I'm a 2nd year graduate student in chem department. 4 year tutoring experience in chemistry. Undergraduate ACS excellence awardee in organic chemistry. Please contact me if interested.

Tanner Treece
$30 / hr Group Rates Available

  • CHE 2, 8 and 118 Series
  • I am a 1st year Chemical Biology track graduate student. I tutored and led workshops with the tutoring center here on campus for the 2, 8 and 118 series here on campus for 6 years prior to becoming a grad student. Feel free to contact me for any help in general and organic chemistry.

Lucas Moore
$45 / hour

  • 118A-C, 8A-B
  • TA and Head TA for the 118 series

Anita Vinjamuri
$50 / hr; group rates are available

  • CHEM 2A
  • I am a 2nd year grad student pursuing my PhD in Chemistry (Ananlytical). I have been tutoring for 4+ years and have won an award for my outstanding teaching. I would love to help you gain an understanding and love for chemistry! Please contact me if you are interested.

Cody Palumbo
$40 / hr

  • 8AB, 118AB
  • I'm a fifth year PhD candidate chemistry graduate student. I have over eight years of tutoring experience and have been a TA for 118B several times. Please contact me if you would like some extra help with organic chemistry!

Diedra Shorty
$30 / hr ( group rates available)

  • CHE 2,8 and 118 Series
  • I am a 3rd year Chemistry PhD student in the Chemical Biology track. I have 2+ years of tutoring experience from undergrad and graduate school. Please feel free to contact me if you need help with any general, organic or biochemistry.

Jiahui Wei
$40 / hr

  • CHE 118A, CHE 118B, CHE 118C
  • Tutored 118 Series for two years.

Shivani Bansal
$35 / hr for individual; Group rates available by email

  • 2ABC, 8ABC, 118ABC, 128ABC
  • 2 series, 118 series, 8 series, 128series. I am a third year Ph.D. student in the Dept of Chemistry. I have TA'ed and tutored for these courses over the last two years and love to help students understand more about chemistry!

Erin Doherty
$40 / hr

  • 8A-B, 118A-C, 128A-C, 129A-C
  • I am a second year graduate student in the organic chemistry track. I have been a TA for 118 and 129, and I have 3 years of experience tutoring at UC Davis—including CHE 8, 118, 128 and 129.

Jackson Badger
$35 / hour

  • CHE2A/B/C
  • I am a 4th year chemistry Ph.D. candidate with several years of TAing/Tutoring the entire 2 series. I am more than happy to help break down to concepts and math to make chemistry easier for you!

Savannah Conlon
$30 / hr

  • 2A/B/C, 8A/B, 118A/B/C, 135, BIS102/103
  • I am a second year Ph.D. candidate in a biochemistry research lab. I have had several years of chemistry tutoring experience and have taught a wide range of chemistry classes here at UC Davis. I would be happy to help you this quarter!

Sophia Fricke
$40 / hour, Group rates available by email

  • CHE 2ABC, 8A, 107AB, 110ABC
  • I'm a 3rd year PhD student in physical chemistry with 6+ years tutoring experience - send me an email and I'd love to see if I can help you! No long term commitments needed - I'm more than happy to do anything from a single test review session to regular tutoring.

Charlie Tapio
$50 / hr

  • CHE 2 and 8 series
  • 4th year grad student in chemistry. I have been a TA for both general and organic chemistry. 6 years experience tutoring undergraduate and high school chemistry.

Sean Aronow
$30 / hr for individual sessions, Discounted rates for weekly sessions (group rates negotiable)

  • CHE 2C, CHE 8A/B, CHE 118 A/B/C, CHE 128 A/B/C
  • I have experience in instruction pertaining to all facets of organic/general chemistry from 4+ years of teaching in both the undergraduate and graduate setting. My goal from tutoring is to really help develop a solid foundation of organic based concepts and apply them to complex problems for overall exam/course success.

Shabnam Jafari
35$ / hr Group rates available by email

  • 118 (A,B,C,) 128 (A,B,C)
  • I am a 3rd year Organic Chemistry Ph.D candidate. I have been teaching organic chemistry for the past 3 years here at UC Davis. I also used to teach organic chemistry for another 2 years in my previous school back in Illinois while I was obtaining my Master's degree. If you struggle with your organic courses, I will be happy to help you out!

Leanna Monteleone
$40 / hr

  • CHE 8A, 8B, 118A, 118B
  • I’m a fourth year PhD candidate chemistry graduate student. I have been a TA for 8B, 118B and 118C. I have over six years of tutoring experience. Please contact me if you would like some extra help with organic chemistry!