Tutors in Chemistry

Teaching Assistant Tim Shelton, a graduate student in chemistry, goes over students' questions outside the Chemistry Annex on Tuesday, March 18, 2014.

The tutors listed below, in no particular order, are graduate students or postdocs in the Department of Chemistry. All tutoring arrangements are strictly between you and your tutor. The Department takes no responsibility for the quality of the tutoring experience.


NOTE: A graduate student may not tutor any student in a course which they are also a TA for in the immediate quarter. Should this occur, both individuals will be promptly referred to Student Judicial Affairs. For example, if you need tutoring for CHE 2A, you may not be tutored by any graduate student who is currently a TA for any instructor of CHE 2A.


Graduate Student Tutors

Michael Russelle Alvarez
$20 / hr (group rates available)

  • CHE 2A/B
  • I am a 3rd year PhD student in Chemistry with six years combined tutoring and teaching experience in biology, chemistry, and biochemistry at the college level. 


Maggie Berrens
$30 / hr

  • CHE 2A/B/C, CHE 100, CHE 107A/B, CHE 110A/B/C
  • I am a 3rd year PhD student in a physical chemistry research lab. At my undergraduate institution, I worked at my school's tutoring center and took several classes focused on understanding the theory and best practices of tutoring. Here at UC Davis, I have taught a range of chemistry classes. Because of my background, I am well equipped to adapt my teaching style to your needs and classes you are taking! I am happy to help so feel free to contact me!


Ankita Kumari
$30 / hr

  • CHE 2A/B/C, CHE 118A
  • Hello, I am a second year PhD student in Inorganic Chemistry. I have over a year experience of being a TA for Chemistry undergraduate courses. 


Heejune Park
$50 / hr

  • CHE 2A/B/C, CHE 110A/B
  • I am a 5th year Chemistry PhD student studying computational chemistry at UC Davis. I have enjoyed being a TA (most of the time) during my years here at Davis. The available courses listed above are the ones that I actually taught as a TA, except CHE 2B. I will be happy to share my TA evaluation results from my previous students with you if you are interested.


Tonybill Chan
$30 / hr

  • CHE 2A/B/C, CHE 4A/B/C
  • I am a 3rd year PhD student in physical chemistry with five quarters of teaching experience in general chemistry for students from different backgrounds. I am flexible with any format of tutoring based on a student's academic and educational needs. Feel free to contact me if you are interested!


Leah Thompson
$40 / hr

  • CHE 8A/B/C, CHE 118A/B/C
  • I am a third year PhD student in organic/medicinal chemistry with six years of tutoring and teaching experience in chemistry (general and organic chemistry) at the college level. I have a passion for teaching and mentoring, and am excited to meet and work with you! I like students to send me topics/problems that they want to work on ahead of time so that I can prepare and review before we meet each week. This way, we make the most use of your time and money with me during our session. If you are interested in working with me, please let me know!


Matthew Orellana
$40 / hr

  • CHE 2A, CHE 8A/B, CHE 118A/B/C, CHE130A, CHE150
  • I am a fifth year in the PhD program doing research in organic chemistry.  I specialize in relating chemistry to biology. My tutoring style is geared toward MCAT level understanding of chemistry.  My rate includes the time I spend on my own preparing for a structured session with you.  


Noah Haughn
$35 / hr

  • CHE 2A/B/C, CHE 8A/B/C, CHE 115, CHE 118A/B/C
  • I am a fourth year PhD candidate in Chemistry. I have been teaching and tutoring since undergrad and have nine quarters and two summers of experience as teaching assistant at UC Davis. I have a flexible schedule and can adapt teaching style to help you learn best.


Li Wang
$40 / hr

  • CHE 2A/B/C
  • I have been a TA for the Chemistry 2 series for six quarters, and like sharing my experiences of teaching and discussion with you. Feel free to reach out for help if you encounter any problems in understanding your lecture and homework materials.


Natalie Dugan
$45 / hr

  • CHE 2A/B/C, CHE 8A/B/C, CHE 118A/B/C
  • I am a 3rd year PhD student doing research in Bioorganic Chemistry. I have tutored chemistry for over five years, and I enjoy talking about chemistry with students. My tutoring rate covers prep time in addition to the session. I will be considerate of your needs and interests as a student to help you achieve your goals with your Chemistry journey. I look forward to hearing from you!


Catrin Law
$35 / hr

  • CHE 2A/B
  • I'm a second year PhD student in Chemical Biology. I taught lab and discussions for CHE 2 A/B all last year and loved it! I believe that I really try to make the material understandable by coming up with different ways of explaining concepts and relating them to non-chemistry things. My TA evaluations show this to be true and that my students genuinely enjoyed and learned from my classes and one-on-ones. I have a strong background in general and analytical chemistry and can help with some biochemistry.


Sara Ismet
$30-35 / hr (contact me for group/ long term rates)

  • CHE 1V, CHE 2A/B/C, CHE 8A/B, CHE 118A/B/C
  • I am a fourth year PhD candidate in Chemistry. I have nine quarters of experience as a TA at UC Davis, and before that I have been tutoring for six years now. I can help you better understand chemistry and equip you to do well in your courses. I am happy to help you and will stay flexible with my teaching style based on what works best for you!


David Morales
$35 / hr (group rates available upon request)

  • CHE 2A/B/C, CHE 8A/B/C, CHE 115, CHE 118A/B/C
  • I am a 4th-year PhD student with over ten years of experience in chemistry research and study. During my time in Davis, I have served as a teaching assistant and have also been a private tutor for both organic and general chemistry series. I'm available for in-person sessions as well as via Zoom. I am passionate about teaching, and I am here to facilitate your journey through those chemistry classes. Don't hesitate to reach out to me, and let's get to work to achieve your academic goals.


Yasmine Bouchibti
$40 / hr

  • CHE 2A/B/C, CHE 118A/B/C
  • I am a 4th year PhD student in Chemistry with eight years of tutoring and teaching experience in both chemistry and math at the college level. I am available to tutor both in person and over zoom. I prefer doing one on one sessions as each student has a different learning style and would benefit more from a more direct approach.


Matt Dyer
$30-40 / hr (contact for group rates)

  • CHE 8A/B, CHE 118A/B/C, CHE 128A/B/C, CHE 129A/B/C
  • I am a 2nd year PhD student in organic synthesis. I'm dedicating my time to tutoring because I genuinely enjoy the process of finding the best way for each of my students to learn and understand organic chemistry. During my undergrad at Boston University, many things strengthened my desire to make organic chemistry interesting for people, but those which contributed the most were: taking and tutoring for upper and lower level classes in organic chemistry, three years of research experience in an organic synthesis lab, and hosting general organic study sessions for members of BU's chemistry association.  


Jiahui Wei
$50 / hr

  • CHE 118A/B/C
  • 4th year PhD in organic, learned 118 series in 2015-2016, TAed /tutored 118 series for 5+ years, head TA for 118 series for 3+ quarters.


Rowan Brower
$30 / hr (contact me for group rates)

  • CHE 2A/B/C, Environmental Water Chemistry, CHE 8A, CHE 124A
  • I am currently a 3rd year analytical student in the Velázquez lab and I have been the TA for all of the courses above. My teaching style is flexible and I can alter how I explain things to best suit your learning style!


Sarah Costa
$30 - $40 / hr

  • CHE 2A/B/C, CHE 124A
  • I am a fifth year PhD Candidate in an inorganic chemistry lab. Since my time at Davis, I have taught almost every quarter. I am dedicated to tailoring my tutoring style to your learning style. I look forward to hearing from you. 


Will DeSnoo
$50 / hr (contact me for group rates)

  • CHE 2A/B/C, CHE 8A/B, CHE 107A/B, CHE 118A/B/C, CHE 128A/B/C
  • I'm a PhD student in physical organic chemistry. I have extensive experience TAing/teaching undergraduate students for 6 years. I facilitate a positive teaching environment where students feel comfortable sharing their educational needs! Feel free to contact me if you are interested.


Duy Pham
$30-40 / hr

  • CHE 2A/B/C, CHE 8A/B, CHE 118A/B/C, CHE 128A/B/C, CHE 129A/B/C
  • I am a 3rd-year in the PhD program doing research in bioorganic chemistry. I really like teaching and helping others understand chemistry, hence I have been tutoring since I was an undergraduate. I also went to UC Davis as an undergrad so I do have some experience in most of the chemistry classes offered at Davis. My rate includes the time I spend on my own preparing ahead of time for a structured session with you. I usually tailor my tutoring toward what students want and need.


Linnea Dolph
$35 / hr

  • CHE 8A/B, CHE 118A/B/C, CHE 128A/B/C, CHE 129A/B/C
  • 5th year PhD candidate in organic chemistry who has been tutoring for 5 + years


Kevin Blanco-Herrero
$25 / hr

  • CHE 8A/C, CHE 118A/B/C, CHE 128A/B/C
  • Hello! My name is Kevin Blanco-Herrero and I'm a third year graduate student in an organic synthesis lab. I've been teaching and tutoring students for about four years now and love seeing students understand and appreciate organic chemistry.


Christopher Suarez
$40 / hr

  • CHE 2A/B/C, CHE 8A/B, CHE 118A/B/C
  • Aspiring educator who is highly passionate about making science accessible and interesting to students. I have experience as a TA for the chem 2 series and tutored very often as an undergrad at Boston University. My background is in organic chemistry and analytical chemistry. I'm very excited about working with you!!


Andrew Huss
$40 / hr

  • CHE 2A/B
  • I am a second year graduate student in an organic synthesis lab. I have both a B.S. in chemistry and a B.A. in English literature. I can help in both general chemistry courses and English composition writing. I thoroughly enjoy both! I have student taught K-12 for math, science (chemistry and biology) and English classes for two school districts in Southern California. I love using analogies and metaphors to make what can be confusing concepts into something more concrete and relatable. I am also apart of the Chemistry Outreach Program that puts on highly-rated chemistry shows for elementary and high school students. My schedule is flexible, and my fee covers the lesson and all associated preparation. I look forward to meeting you! 


Luis Garay
$30 / hr

  • CHE 2A/B/C, CHE 124A
  • I am a 3rd-year graduate student. I have tutored and been a TA for more than eight quarters. Feel free to reach out for help. 


Alexis Davis
$40 / hr

  • CHE 2A/B, CHE 8A/B, CHE 118A/B
  • I am a 2nd year PhD student in the chemistry program and have my B.S. in chemistry/pre-med. I have tutored chemistry for over four years and enjoy the challenge of switching my teaching style to what fits your needs the most. My rate includes prep time as well as the tutoring session. I try to make chemistry as fun and interesting as possible while making sure you're able to grasp the key concepts. I look forward to hearing from you!