Placement Requirements

General Overview

All students who register in CHE 2A or 4A are required to satisfy the Chemistry Placement Requirement. Students who do not satisfy the placement requirement to remain enrolled in general chemistry will be administratively dropped from the course by the Department of Chemistry. There are no exemptions to the Chemistry Placement Requirements.

CHE 2A is General Chemistry.  CHE 4A is General Chemistry for Physical Sciences & Engineering- the following majors should consider enrolling in CHE 4A:

Chemistry B.S. - American Chemical Society Emphasis

Chemical Physics

Chemical Engineers


A score of 24 or more on the Chemistry Placement Exam is required to ensure enrollment in CHE 2A.

A score of 28 or more on the Chemistry Placement Exam is required to ensure enrollment in CHE 4A.

If you have questions specific to the Chemistry Placement Requirements, write to


Fall 2021 Placement Testing

Are you planning to enroll in CHE 2A or 4A  in Fall 2021? Please refer to the following link for further information about our placement requirement. Included are the dates to take the Chemistry Placement Exam, tips on how to prepare for the online exam, and other timely information to ensure enrollment in general chemistry.   All new students who need to take the Placement exam will need to take it in September during the Fall Testing window.

Fall 2021


New Student Orientation 2021 Placement Testing

Incoming first-year students who plan to take CHE 2A in Fall 2021 should take the Chemistry Placement Exam during their college exam window.  E-mail instructions will be sent prior to the exam window.  The exam can be taken one time during the window.  Students who do not score a 24 plus on the exam will be able to take the exam again in September.

Orientation Placement Exam FAQ