B.S. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry

The B.S. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry is strongly focused on basic science while providing students with a greater understanding of the experimental and computational processes and societal issues that surround the synthesis, discovery and design of modern pharmaceuticals. Important relevant topics include potential drug targets, physical principles of drug action, drug synthesis and screening, computational drug design, drug delivery and ethical concerns. The demand for pharmaceutical chemists is high and anticipated to grow, as modern chemistry allows a wide range of choices for drug synthesis and our growing knowledge of biological processes presents challenging targets for novel therapeutics.

Graduates will be able to successfully pursue their career objectives in advanced education in professional and/or graduate schools and in a range of scientific careers in academia, government or industry including the pharmaceutical, medicinal and biological sciences, medicine, pharmacy, pharmacology and biotechnology.


Preparatory Subject Matter: 45-55 Units

  • Chemistry: CHE 2A-2B-2C or 2AH-2BH-2CH or 4A-4B-4C
  • Mathematics: MAT 16A-16B-16C or 17A-17B-17C or 21A-21B-21C
  • Physics: PHY 7A-7B-7C or 9A-9B-9C
  • Biological Sciences: BIS 2A and 2B or 2C
  • Statistics: STA 13 or 32 or 100


Depth Subject Matter: 48-64 Units

  • Inorganic Chemistry: CHE 124A
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry: CHE 130A, 130B
  • Physical Chemistry: CHE 107A-107B or 110A-110B-110C
  • Organic Chemistry: CHE 118A-118B-118C or 128A-128B-128C and 129A-129B-129C
  • Other Chemistry Courses: CHE 135
  • Choice of two from the following: BIS 102 or CHE 150 or CHE 131

At least FOUR additional courses (not used to satisfy the above requirements) from:

  • Animal Science: ANS 170
  • Biological Sciences: BIS 102 or 103
  • Biotechnology: BIT 171
  • Chemistry: CHE 199 or 194H
  • Environmental Toxicology: ETX 103A
  • Microbiology: MIC 102
  • Molecular Biosciences: VMB 101V or VMP 101Y
  • Molecular & Cellular Biology: MCB 123, 124, 126
  • Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior: NPB 100, 101, 168
  • Plant Biology: PLB 126


Total Units for Major: 96-119 Units


UC Davis senior pharmaceutical chemistry major Manuel Munoz prepares a liquid solution for his intern project on cancer research on Tuesday, October 23, 2012.