Chemistry Electronic Services

The experienced and highly qualified staff of Chemistry Electronic Services or eShop provide electronic, RF and microwave design and development support for both teaching and research within the department of chemistry as well as outside the department on  a recharge basis. The electronics shop is located in room 39 in the basement of the chemistry building and is open for drop-in visits M-F 9AM-5PM or by appointment. In order to contact the shop by email use the email address and address your email to Paul Stucky or if it is an urgent matter you can call our number at 752-4031.

The electronic services is equipped to provide a variety of services, including:

Design and Fabrication

  • Design, fabrication and modification of small to medium sized electronic, RF or microwave scientific instrumentation for experimental research.
  • Design and fabrication of point-to-point circuits, circuit boards, printed circuit boards (PCB), etc.
  • Fabrication of equipment based upon the required specification or using the individual's own design.  We will try to provide advice on enhancement of a design, where possible.

Advice and Consultation

We are able to provide help and advice on electrical and electronic, RF and microwave matters, such as:

  • Advice on scientific instrumentation design, function, layout, component selection and system and component measurement and testing.
  • Advice on the purchase and use of specific equipment and components.
  • Advice on Safety matters, the condition and use of equipment.
  • Advice on methods for achieving specific measurements.


We offer electronic repair services for basic laboratory equipment and most of the time we can repair a device even without schematics. We can help identify specialized service suppliers and vendors of components.  We can help source the necessary items.

Examples of basic equipment types repaired in the past:  pH meters, balances, small spectrophotometers, bench top centrifuges, heat guns, shakers, incubators, drying ovens, hotplate/stirrers, heated water baths, rotary evaporators, temperature controllers, melting point apparatus, ultrasonic baths, UV lamps, valve drivers, power supply units, etc.

Issuing of small components

We keep a good selection of small electronic and electrical components and can advise recipients on the choice and correct use of such components.


  1. Test equipment for basic electronics testing and development:
    • Under construction
  2. Microwave and RF test equipment:
    • Under construction

I generally do not loan equipment for use other than by myself, but you are welcome to ask.

Recharge Rates

University Rate:
$69/hour - eShop Electrical Engineer

Non-University Rate:
$123.00/hour - eShop Electrical Engineer


Paul A. Stucky, Ph.D. (EE)
Department of Chemistry
University of California
One Shields Ave
Davis, CA 95616

Office: 39 Chemistry
Phone: (530) 752-4031