Solid state synthesis from KH and thermoelectric properties of K₈E₈Ge₃₈ (E = Al, Ga, In)

Research highlight
The reduction in electrical resistivity and boost in thermoelectric performance (zT) of K8Al8Ge38 over K8Al8Si38 is highlighted in the figure.

The Kauzlarich lab (Perez and coworkers, Inorganic Chemistry) has recently reported the synthesis, low-temperature thermoelectric properties, structures, and composition of the type-I Clathrates K₈E₈Ge₃₈ (E = Al, Ga, In) using KH, E, and Ge. K₈E₈Ge₃₈ shows significant thermoelectric (zT) improvement over the Si analog (K₈AI₈Si₃₈) due to a reduced electrical resistivity. This work points towards more sustainable cost-effective materials for optimal thermoelectric performance.

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