Lab Renovation Funds

Undergraduates working in a General Chemistry laboratory

During the 2016-17 academic year, campus committed nearly $2M towards the purchase of instructional equipment. This is the first investment of a multi-year commitment in an effort to prioritize critical instructional equipment needs. Motivation for this investment came out of the undergraduate review process in which reports suggested campus pay closer attention to teaching laboratories

Chemistry 2B LabIn early January, several members of the department’s leadership team paired up with teaching staff to assess and prioritize equipment needs in support of undergraduate curriculum. The department submitted a $1.4M proposal, which included items ranging from voltage probes to a Microwave-Assisted Plasma-Atomic Emission Spectrometer.  FTIR spectroscopy is a workhorse instrumentation technique, used widely in analytical and organic chemistry courses. Modernization of the data-handling capabilities of the UV spectrometer was identified as a high priority, which will provide students with modern hands-on analysis capabilities. Balances, spectrometers, and thermometers were requested in support of general chemistry. With Chemistry For Life Sciences launching in Fall 2017, nearly $400K has been identified to support both general chemistry sequences.

Chemistry 2C LabIn March we received an instructional equipment funding authorization totaling close to $800K. The department worked closely with Procurement and Strategic-Sourcing teams to identify vendor contracts in order to leverage all potential savings opportunities. Equipment has been purchased and will be available to our students in Fall 2017!