Eu₁₁Zn₄Sn₂As₁₂: A Ferromagnetic Zintl Semiconductor with a Layered Structure Featuring Extended Zn4As6 Sheets and Ethane-like Sn2As6 Units

Research highlight

In a recent publication from the Kauzlarich and Taufour labs (Devlin et. al., Chem. Mater., 2018) describes the synthesis, structure, and magnetic properties of a new layered Zintl phase and structure type, Eu₁₁Zn₄Sn₂As₁₂. Eu₁₁Zn₄Sn₂As₁₂ is made up of unique beehive Zn₄As₆ sheets with pseudo-trigonal planer Zn and ethane-like Sn₂As₆ units. Eu₁₁Zn₄Sn₂As₁₂ exhibits a large negative colossal magnetoresistance of 2690-fold at 9 T.

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