Inorganic Chemistry Symposium Schedule

Schedule of Events                       

9:00 AM        Opening remarks

9:10 AM        Invited Speaker - Prof. Brandi M. Cossairt - University of Washington

Inorganic Synthesis to Transform Nanocrystal Form and Function

10:00 AM     Invited Speaker - Prof. Trevor Hayton  - University of California Santa Barbara

Using NMR Spectroscopy to Probe Metal-Ligand Covalency in the Actinides

10:50 AM     Break

11:00 AM    Invited Speaker - Prof. Natia L. Frank - University of Nevada Reno

Optically-Gated Spin States via PISCES towards Quantum Information Science

11:50 PM      Break

12:00 PM      Poster Session (and Lunch)

1:30 PM        Invited Speaker - Prof. Lionel Cheruzel - California State University – San Jose

Harnessing P450 biocatalysis with Ru(II)-diimine complexes

2:20 PM        PLENARY SPEAKER – Prof. Polly L. Arnold  - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, University of California Berkeley

Contributions of Cerium Catalysis to the Circular Carbon Economy

3:30 PM        Presentation of Prizes, Closing remarks