Marie Heffern

Marie Heffern

Position Title
Assistant Professor

210 Chemistry

The endocrine system coordinates organ function and homeostasis by sending chemical messengers, or hormones, from endocrine glands to target tissues. We will take a multidisciplinary approach to uncover the roles and applications of metals in the endocrine system in an area that we term metalloendocrinology. We will perform research at the interface of bioinorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, chemical biology, and metabolic biology to investigate the interactions between metals and the endocrine system from the molecular level to the whole animal. With a diverse approach we seek to gain insight and develop therapeutic solutions to endocrine disorders spanning diabetes, liver disease, and cancer.

Education, Awards and Professional Highlights

  • CAMPOS Faculty Scholar, UC Davis (2017-2018)
  • Chemical & Engineering News' Talented 12 (2017)
  • University of California President's Postdoctoral Fellow (2015-2017)
  • National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow (2011-2014)
  • Commendation for Excellence in Graduate Research (Northwestern, 2015)
  • Gelewitz Award (Northwestern, 2013)
  • Renaissance Scholar (USC, 2009)
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California Berkeley (2015-2017)
  • Ph.D. Northwestern University (2014)
  • B.S. University of Southern California (2009)

Representative Publications

  • HeffernM.C.,† Park, H.,† Au-Yeung, H.,† Van de Bittner, G. C., Ackerman C. M.; Stahl, A., Chang, C. J. In vivo bioluminescence reveals copper deficiency in a murine model of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. ProcNatlAcadSci., 2016, 113, 14219-14224. († Denotes equal contribution).
  • HeffernM.C.,† Reichova, V.,† Coomes, J. L., Harney, A. S., Bajema, E.; Meade, T. J. Tuning Cobalt(III) Schiff Base Complexes as Activated Protein Inhibitors. InorgChem., 2015, 18, 9066-74. († Denotes equal contribution)
  • HeffernMC., Velasco, P. T., Matosziuk, L. M., Coomes, J. L., Karras, C., Eckermann, A. L., Klein, W. B., Meade, T. J. Modulation of Amyloid-β Oligomerization by Co(III) Schiff Base Complexes. ChemBioChem, 2014, 15, 1584-1589.
  • HeffernMC.,† Matosziuk, L. M.,† Meade, T. J. Lanthanide Probes for Bioresponsive Imaging. ChemRev.2014, 114, 4496-4539. († Denotes equal contribution).
  • HeffernMC.; Kurutz, J.; Meade, T. J. Spectroscopic Elucidation of the Inhibitory Mechanism of Cys2His2 Zinc Finger Transcription Factors by Cobalt(III) Schiff Base Complexes. ChemEurJ., 2013, 19, 17043-17053.
  • HeffernMC.; Yamamoto, N.; Holbrook, R. J.; Eckermann, A. E.; Meade, T. J. Cobalt Complexes as Promising Therapeutic Agents. CurrOpinChem Biol. 2013, 17, 189-196.
  • Matosziuk, L.M.; Leibowitz, J. H.; HeffernMC.; Macrenaris, K. W.; Ratner, M. A.; Meade, T. J. Structural Optimization of Zn(II) Activated MR Imaging Probes. InorgChem., 2013, 52, 12250-12261.
  • Manus, L. M.; Holbrook, R. J.; Atesin, T. A.; HeffernMC.; Harney, A. S.; Eckermann, A. E.; Meade, T. J. Axial Ligand exchange of N-heterocyclic Cobalt(III) Schiff Base Complexes: Molecular Structure and NMR Solution Dynamics. InorgChem., 2013, 52, 1069-1076.
  • Matosziuk, L. M.; Holbrook, R. J.; Manus, L. M.; HeffernMC.; Ratner, M. A.; Meade, T. J. Rational Design of [Co(acacen)L2]+ Inhibitors of Biological Activity. Dalton Trans., 2013, 42, 4002-12.
  • Velasco, P. T.; HeffernMC.; Sebollela, A.; Popova, I. A.; Lacor, P. N.; Lee, K. B.; Zun, X.; Tiano, B. N.; Viola, K. L.; Eckermann, A. L.; Meade, T. J; Klein, W. L. Synapse-Binding Subpopulations of Aβ Oligomers Sensitive to Peptide Assembly Blockers and scFv Antibodies. ACS ChemNeurosci., 2012, 3, 972-981.
  • Hurtado, R.; Harney, A. S.; HeffernMC.; Holbrook, R. J.; Holmgren, R.; Meade, T. J. Specific inhibition of the transcription factor Ci by a Cobalt(III)-Schiff base-DNA conjugate. Mol.Pharm., 2012, 9, 325-333.
  • Beier, C. W.; CuevasMA.*; Brutchey, R. L. Low-Temperature Synthesis of Solid-Solution BaxSr1-xTiO3 Nanocrystals. JMaterChem., 2010, 20, 5074-5079.
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