Funding and Financial Support

Students in the M.S. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry program are not offered financial support with admission; however, you may apply to be a TA in the department on a quarterly basis if positions are available.

"In sports, a coach analyzes what will make a player reach their highest potential. I view myself a coach for my students: developing their skills, cheering them on and celebrating their wins."

- Annaliese Franz, Associate Professor

Teaching Assistantships

Teaching Assistantships are sometimes given to students in the M.S. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry program based on availability. If given a TA position, you will be granted tuition remission (i.e. your tuition is paid for that quarter)

 TAs are responsible for paying the campus-based portion of their fees, which total less than $300 per quarter as a TA.

Graduate Student Researcher Positions

Research appointments are funded by grants from a faculty adviser, after being formally accepted into a research group. 

If granted a Teaching Assistant (TA) or Graduate Student Researcher (GSR) position, you will receive a competitive stipend, tuition and fees, and comprehensive health insurance. 

Internal and External Fellowships

Entering and continuing graduate students are eligible to apply annually for Graduate Studies Internal Fellowships, which are awarded competitively based on outstanding scholarship. Be sure to also browse their External Fellowships and Grants listings and utilize the recommended fellowship search engines.