Special Seminar: "Direct look at charge, lattice and spin dynamics in solids with ultrafast terahertz spectroscopy"

Event Date

179 Chemistry

Prof. Dmitry Turchinovich (Physics, Univ. of Duisberg-Essen, Germany)

Ultrafast terahertz spectroscopy allows one to observe the dynamics of charge, lattice and spin in solids on the most elementary timescale: in the regime \omega \tau \approx 1, where \omega is the electromagnetic wave oscillation frequency, and \tau is the characteristic sub-picosecond timescale at which the effects like electron momentum scattering, lattice oscillation, and spin precession occur. In this presentation, after a brief introduction, we will review two of our recent case studies: ultrafast electron transport in graphene [1,2], and observation of spin-controlled conduction by cold and hot electrons in ferromagnetic metals [3,4].

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