Back to the Future: Quantum Dark Matter with speaker Laura Greene

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UC Davis Medical Center, Education Building, 4610 X Street Sacramento, CA 95817

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Lecture with Q&A

The Dark Energy of Quantum Matter: From Cosmic Scales to Nano Scales

Superconductors are fascinating quantum materials with applications that include the lossless transmission of electrical power, levitating trains, making huge magnetic fields, and detecting the tiniest magnetic fields. Conventional superconductors were discovered in 1911 but the theoretical explanation did not come until 1957. High temperature superconductivity, discovered in 1986, is unconventional and we still don't have a theory that explains it. There are dozens of other types of unconventional superconductors that we cannot explain. In my lecture, I will explore superconductivity and the bizarre behaviors of some quantum materials, and show some of the transformative applications. I will explain in simple terms what we do know, and give a perspective on how much we still have to learn. Superconductivity reminds me of the universe itself: we use it every day, it's very useful, and mostly, we don't know very much about it!

Laura Greene is chief scientist at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Florida State University, and Center for Emergent Superconductivity as well as past president of the American Physical Society.

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