Timeline to Degree

Ph.D. in Chemistry Timeline

The time to complete the Ph.D. in Chemistry program is four to six years, with a typical student finishing in five years.

"A great thing about our program is the breadth of our research. You can explore many different areas of Chemistry."

- Dean Tantillo, Professor

Year 1

  • Take and pass four ACS Entrance Exams at the 50th percentile or better or any prescribed undergraduate courses with a grade of "B" or better.
  • Meet with faculty and join a research group by the end of the Fall quarter.
  • Take up to six graduate courses (one to three per quarter) based on your chosen research area.

Year 2

  • Take any remaining required graduate courses.
  • Take your Qualifying Examination (QE) either in Winter or Spring quarter, after all coursework is completed.
  • Nominate your dissertation committee and Advance to Candidacy with the Office of Graduate Studies.

Year 3

  • Present your research project to your dissertation committee and peers in a seminar, either in Winter or Spring quarter.

Year 4+

  • Continue with research, write your dissertation and file to graduate.