Building Renovation Updates

Chemistry and Chemistry Annex Renovations

Project Schedule

Renovation timeline
Updated July 24, 2019


Project Description


Chem Annex Seismic – In Construction
Structural corrections to the foundation, exterior wall and interior columns (4th and 5th floors), and accessibility improvements.

Chemistry Seismic – Bidding
Structural corrections to the foundation and exterior walls and accessibility improvements.

Chem Annex Seismic 2 – In Construction Documents Phase
Seismic corrections to interior columns (Basement, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors).

Chemistry Addition & Phase 1 Renovation – In Design Phase
Renovation of a portion of the 1st floor of Chemistry, a new 25,000 sf addition with new lab and office space, and improvements to primary building exhaust and electrical building systems.

Chemistry Room 22 Renovation – In Design Phase
Create swing space to accommodate staff affected by Chemistry Seismic Project.

Chemistry Alterations 1 – In Design Phase
Consolidation and alteration of existing shop and storage space to provide new machine shop, electronics shop, and glass shop.


Urgent Issues:

Debbie Decker, Chemistry Safety Manager
(530) 304-6728

Scott Berg, Chemistry Machine Shop
(916) 224-0295

General Information and Construction Issues:

Design and Construction Management
Integrated Projects Group
(530) 564-8754