Building Renovation Updates

Chemistry and Chemistry Annex Renovations

Project Schedule

Renovation timeline
Updated March 14, 2018


Project Description

Chem & Chem Annex Fire Suppression – In Construction (Survey)
New fire sprinklers and fire pump. Work in the labs will occur after hours.

Chem Seismic – In Construction Documents Phase
Structural corrections to the foundation and exterior walls and accessibility improvements.

Chem Annex Seismic – In Construction Documents Phase
Structural corrections to the foundation, exterior wall and interior columns (4th and 5th floors), and accessibility improvements.

Chem Annex Seismic 2 – In Construction Documents Phase
Seismic corrections to interior columns (Basement, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors).

Chemistry Alterations 1 – In Design
Consolidation and alteration of existing shop and storage space to provide new machine shop, stockroom, receiving, electronics shop, and glass shop. Includes construction of roof enclosure over mechanical area way.

Chemistry Basement Alterations – In Design
Basement alterations to chemistry room 014 to provide student work space to replace chemistry room 04 (to be demolished by the Chem Seismic project).

Chemistry Modulars – In Design
Installation of leased modular buildings to house administrative offices, conference rooms, classrooms, and associated restroom facilities.

Chemistry Addition & Phase 1 Renovation – In Design
Renovation of a portion of the 1st floor of Chemistry, a new 25,000 sf addition with new lab and office space, and improvements to primary building exhaust and electrical building systems.



Urgent Issues:

Debbie Decker, Chemistry Safety Manager
(530) 304-6728

Scott Berg, Chemistry Machine Shop
(916) 224-0295

General Information and Construction Issues:

Design and Construction Management
Integrated Projects Group
(530) 564-8754