Donate your lab coat and goggles for reuse at the end of the quarter.


There is a $38 laboratory course services and materials fee for CHE 2A, 2B and 2C. This charge will be billed by Student Accounting after the drop deadline.

All students enrolled in chemistry lab courses are required to follow the safety rules attached below. These rules are mandatory and expected from all students at all times, including the very first day of lab. Please familiarize yourself with the document before your first scheduled lab.

Of special note is the required safety apparel:

  • ANSI-compliant, indirectly-vented, chemical splash safety goggles* (available for purchase at the UC Davis Bookstore)
  • 100% cotton lab coat* (available for purchase at the UC Davis Bookstore)
  • Closed-toe, closed-heel shoes
  • Clothing that completely covers your arms and legs

Students are also required to have a current lab manual. Manuals are provided below in PDF form for viewing and downloading. They are also available for purchase at the UC Davis Bookstore.

*Note: As a part of our "Green Lab" initiative, your lab coat and goggles may be donated at the end of the quarter to be washed and sold at the Bookstore for a reduced rate. We encourage you to buy used when available.

Course Materials

Laboratory Safety Rules (Rev. 4/30/2013)

CHE 2A Lab Manual (Fall 2017)

CHE 2C Lab Manual (Fall 2017)

Chemistry Repeater Form