Department Faculty

Ames, James B.

Biophysical chemistry and structural biology jbames@ucdavis.edu 126 Chemistry

Atsumi, Shota

Synthetic biology and metabolic engineering satsumi@ucdavis.edu 218 Chemistry

Augustine, Matthew P.

Magnetic and optical resonance applications to emerging problems maugust@ucdavis.edu 069 Chemistry

Balch, Alan L.

Endohedral fullereness; luminescence for metal-metal bonding abalch@ucdavis.edu  220 Chemistry

Beal, Peter A.

Nucleic acids chemical biology pabeal@ucdavis.edu  5469 Chemistry Annex
Berben, Louise A. Synthetic and physical inorganic chemistry laberben@ucdavis.edu  3465 Chemistry Annex
Britt, R. David Biological and synthetic energy catalysis, metalloenzymes, EPR spectroscopy rdbritt@ucdavis.edu  190 Chemistry
Casey, William H. Reaction kinetics in geochemistry; aqueous clusters whcasey@ucdavis.edu  1480 Chemistry Annex
Chen, Xi Chemical biology/glycoscience xiichen@ucdavis.edu  212 Chemistry
Crabtree, Kyle Physical Chemistry kncrabtree@ucdavis.edu  190 Chemistry
Cramer, Stephen P. Synchrotron x-ray and campus based vibrational spectroscopy and nitrogenase and hydrogenase spjcramer@ucdavis.edu  3017 Ghausi Hall
David, Sheila S. Chemical biology of DNA repair ssdavid@ucdavis.edu  312 Chemsitry
Fisher, Andrew J. Protein structure-function and X-ray crystallography ajfisher@ucdavis.edu 

4462 Chemistry Annex
4A Briggs Hall

Franz, Annaliese K. Organic synthesis, catalysis, and biofeuls akfranz@ucdavis.edu  314 Chemistry
Gervay-Hague, Jacquelyn Carbohydrate synthesis, biological profilling, and vaccine design jgervayhague@ucdavis.edu  5463 Chemistry Annex
Goodin, David B. Metalloenzyme structure and function dbgoodin@ucdavis.edu  308 Chemistry
Guo, Ting X-ray nanochemistry tguo@ucdavis.edu  226 Chemistry
Kauzlarich, Susan M. Synthesis and characterization of inorganic solid state and nanomaterials for emerging technologies smkauzlarich@ucdavis.edu  206 Chemistry
Kelly, Peter P. Environmental, analytical, and physical chemistry pbkelly@ucdavis.edu  2471 Chemistry Annex
Kovnir, Kirill Novel materials for energy kkovnir@ucdavis.edu  210 Chemistry
Kurth, Mark J. Diversity-oriented synthesis and chemical biology mjkurth@ucdavis.edu  5467 Chemistry Annex
Land, Donald P. Interfacial spectroscopy and microscopy or dynamic systems dpland@ucdavis.edu  208 Chemistry
Larsen, Delmar S. Photoactivated dynamics in sensory proteins and photocatalysis dlarsen@ucdavis.edu  214 Chemistry
Lebrilla, Carlito B. Bioanalytical mass spectroscopy cblebrilla@ucdavis.edu  2465 Chemistry Annex
Liu, Gang-yu Nanoscience and nanoengineering, bioanalytical chemistry liu@chem.ucdavis.edu  322 Chemistry
Mascal, Mark Organic synthesis, bioenergy research, molecular modeling mjmascal@ucdavis.edu  306 Chemistry
McCurdy, C. William Theory of ultrafast UV and X-ray laser interactions with molecules cwmccurdy@ucdavis.edu  163E Chemistry
Nambiar, Krishnan Synthetic bioorganic chemistry and molecular recognition kpnambiar@ucdavis.edu  318 Chemistry
Navrotsky, Alexandra Energetics of ceramic, earth, environmental, and nanophase materials anavrotsky@ucdavis.edu  4440 Chemistry Annex
Ng, Cheuk-Yiu Chemical structuresand dynamics by state-to-state spectroscopy cyng@ucdavis.edu  216 Chemistry
Olmstead, Marilyn M. X-ray crystallography and inorganic chemistry mmolmstead@ucdavis.edu  222 Chemistry
Osterloh, Frank E. Inorganic nanomaterials for solar energy conversion fosterloh@ucdavis.edu  2467 Chemistry Annex
Power, Philip P. Synthesis, physical, catalytic and magnetic properties of inorganic and organometallic compounds power@chem.ucdavis.edu  128 Chemistry
Schore, Neil E. Organic synthesis with polymers, dendrimers, organometallics  neschore@ucdavis.edu  320 Chemistry
Shaw, Jared T. Synthetic methods, natural products, chemical biology jtshaw@ucdavis.edu  326 Chemistry
Siegel, Justin B. Computational enzyme design jbsiegel@ucdavis.edu  1315 GBSF (Genome Center)
Stuchebrukhov, Alexei Electron and proton transfer dynamics in condensed phases aastuchebrukhov@ucdavis.edu  163B Chemistry
Tantillo, Dean J. Theoretical organic chemistry, natural products biosynthesis djtantillo@ucdavis.edu  4465 Chemistry Annex
Toney, Michael D. Enzyme catalysis, functional genomics, and biofuel cells mdtoney@ucdavis.edu  2469 Chemistry Annex

At UC Davis, a key concept of graduate education is the graduate group.  UC Davis graduate programs are organized as interdisciplinary graduate groups, giving students intellectual freedom to transcend disciplines and areas of research.

Graduate Group Faculty
Baldwin, Enoch Molecular and cellular biology epbaldwin@ucdavis.edu

4B Briggs Hall

Fiehn, Oliver Mass spectrometry and computation chemistry for metabolomics ofiehn@ucdavis.edu

1315 GBSF (Genome Center)

Lagarias, J. Clark Molecular and cellular biology jclagarias@ucdavis.edu

31A Briggs Hall

Lam, Kit Lymphoma, targeted therapy for cancer, molecular imaging, drug development and combinational chemistry kslam@ucdavis.edu

UCDMC Sacramento

Louie, Angelique Molecular imaging and novel imagine probes aylouie@ucdavis.edu

3317 GBSF (Genome Center)

Moule, Adam Characterization of materials and devices for solution processable photovoltaic devices amoule@ucdavis.edu

3014 Bainer Hall

Parikh, Atul Biomolecular materials, synthetic chemical biology, soft condensed matter anparikh@ucdavis.edu

3007 Ghausi Hall

Wilson, David Molecular and celluar biology dkwilson@ucdavis.edu

3B Briggs Hall

Wulff, Heike Ion channels in the immune system hwulff@ucdavis.edu

UCDMC Sacramento

Affiliated Faculty
Allen, Toby W. Computational chemistry and biophysics twallen@ucdavis.edu
Enderle, Bryan Lecturer enderle@ucdavis.edu

2033 Science Lecture Building

Fettinger, James X-ray crystallography jcfettinger@ucdavis.edu 228 Chemistry
Galli, Giulia A. Ab initio nanoscience for simulations of materials gagalli@ucdavis.edu

190A Chemistry

Lievens, Sarah Lecturer sclievens@ucdavis.edu

3313 Earth and Physical Sciences

Nasiri, Melekeh Lecturer


310 Chemistry

Toupadakis, Andreas Lecturer atoupadakis@ucdavis.edu

1033A Science Lecture Building