Tutors in Chemistry

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Please note:

#1. Your current TA cannot be your tutor...

It is unallowable for a Graduate Student to tutor any student in a course which they are also TAing for in the immediate quarter. Should this occur, the graduate student and the undergraduate student will be promptly referred to Student Judicial Affairs.

For example: If you want a tutor for help in CHE 2A, you cannot be tutored by any graduate student who is currently TAing CHE2A.

#2. Department disclaimer

All tutors listed are Department of Chemistry graduate students or affliated with the department in some other capacity. All tutoring arrangements and agreements are strictly between the student and the tutor. The Department of Chemistry takes no responsibility for the quality of any tutoring experience or arrangements.

Fall Quarter 2017

Below is the Fall Quarter 2017 Tutor list. The students are presented in no particular order.

Bao Tran

  • 2ABC, 8AB, 118ABC, 128ABC, 150
  • I'm a sixth year organic chemistry graduate student at UC Davis. I've been TA-ing and tutoring for four years at UC Davis, teaching general chemistry and organic chemistry. I also graduated from UC Davis with a Bachelor degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry. Therefore I understand the material related to those chemistry courses. I could help you to understand the concepts and to do well in the exams/labs/homeworks

Zachary Buchanan

  • 107, 110A, 105, 115
  • 3rd year physical chemistry graduate student. I've TA'd for these courses more than once. Currently a 110B TA. 5+ years of TA experience

Wang Bin
40/hr, negotiable for group

  • Chem 2A, 2B, 2C
  • 2nd Ph.D. student in inorganic Chemistry. Contact me for more details.

Zhongxing Xu
$20 per hour

  • CHE 2, Physical Chem and Analytical Chem
  • 3rd year grad student. TAed for CHE 2A,2B,2CH,105,205. Graduated from Beijing(Peking) University.

Kristin Peck

  • 2ABC, physical chemistry
  • I am a fifth year physical/analytical chemistry graduate student who has 5+ years as a TA at UCD.

Sophia Fricke

  • 2A, 2B, 2C, 8A, 110A
  • I am a second year graduate student with an emphasis in physical chemistry. I've TA'ed for CHE 2A and B, as well as 8A and 110A. Feel free to contact me if you would like some help in chemistry!

Charlie Tapio

  • 2 series, 8 series
  • 3rd year grad student, I have been a TA for both general and organic chemistry. 5 years experience tutoring undergraduate and high school chemistry.

Leanna Monteleone

  • CHE 8A, 8B, 118A, 118B
  • I'm a third year PhD chemistry graduate student with an emphasis in bio-organic chemistry. I have been tutoring chemistry for six years and can provide additional worksheets and practice problems. If you are looking for some additional help in your organic chemistry course please fell free to contact me!

Sommer Johansen
$25/hr on campus. $30/hr for HS students at home. Groups negotiable.

  • 2ABC, 3ABC, 107AB, 110ABC
  • 3rd year physical chemistry grad student with a BS in biochemistry. I've TAed 2A, 110A, 110B, 210A and 211A. I have 4 years of tutoring experience from high school to upper division chem classes. Awarded Outstanding TA for 2016/17.

Wanqing Li

  • Chem2C, 8B, 118A, 135
  • I TA-ed Chem2C, 8B, 118A, 135, and I am a PhD candidate in organic chemistry

Jackson Badger

  • Chemistry 2A/B/C and Chemistry 3A
  • 3rd year chemistry Ph.D candidate. I have TA'ed several quarters of the 2 series and am TAing CHE3A this quarter. Additionally, I have tutored chemistry for over 5 years. I look forward to helping you out!

Andrew Otsuki
$25/hr individual sessions. $15/hr per person for groups.

  • CHE 8 Series, CHE 118 Series
  • I have taught organic chemistry for the past 3 years here at Davis. I have helped teach CHE 8A-B and CHE 118A-C and CHE 128C.

Christina McCulley
$25 per hour, group rates available

  • 118 series, 8 series and 2A
  • I am a 4th year organic chemistry graduate student. As a graduate student at UC Davis, I have tutored 118A-C, 8A-8B and 2A-2B. I have experience as a TA in 118B and 2A. I understand how stressful these courses can be. If you need a little help in general or organic chemistry contact me!

Kori Lay
$30/hr, group rates available by email

  • 2A, B, C, 8A, B, 118A, B, C
  • I am a third year graduate student with an organic chemistry emphasis. I have TAed for 118B and 128A, and I have tutored for all of the 2 series, 8A and B. I was an instructor for general chemistry for 1 year before graduate school.

Jiali Zhang

  • chem 2 series, Chem 8A, 8B
  • experienced in TA chem 2 series and chem 8A,8B for 3 years

Fernanda Bononi

  • CHE 2ABC, CHE 8AB, CHE 118ABC, BIS 102
  • I am a 4th year PhD student in biological chemistry and I have been a TA/tutor at UC Davis for 3 years now (2A, 2B, 2C, 118A and 118B). I have also taught organic chemistry labs for 2 years before coming to UC Davis. I will be glad to help with your chemistry questions

Toby Sherbow

  • CHE 124 series, CHE 8B
  • Graduate student with experience teaching, tutoring and teaching.

Jonathan Sarker

  • Chemistry and Physics: CHE 2ABC, 107AB, 110ABC
  • Biophysics Ph.D. Candidate, B.S. Biochemistry. Ask for details. Science is fun when you understand it. Allow me to pass that on to you.

Lin Sun

  • General chemistry, Physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry
  • Worked as tutor in Chemical department of Purdue University almost two whole years.

Cody Palumbo
$25 per hour

  • 8A/B 118A/B
  • Fourth year Ph.D canidate emphasizing in organic chemistry. 4+ years tutoring, have tutored for Dr. Lievens several times. Email me to set up an appointment!

Wen Fu

  • 8, 118, 129
  • I am a first year chemistry graduate student. I got my undergraduate degree in UW Madison. I have been tutoring for 2 years on Ochem and I was awarded with ACS Excellence in Organic Chemistry. I'm looking forward to helping you. Thank you!

Saheli Chatterjee
20$ per hour

  • 118C
  • 118C, 2A and 2C TA at UC Davis; PhD student in organic track

Jennyfer Tena

  • CHE 2ABC
  • First year chemistry graduate student with past experience tutoring general chemistry and organic chemistry.