Minor in Chemistry

A path curls through the arboretum.

Prepatory Subject Matter: 36-42 Units

Chemistry: CHE 2 A/B/C or CHE 2 AH/BH/CH
Mathematics: MAT 17 A/B/C or MAT 21 A/B/C
Physics: PHY 7 A/B/C or PHY 9 A/B/C
Statistics: STA 13 or STA 32 or STA 100

Depth Subject Matter: 20-21 Units

Chemistry:  CHE 105, CHE 107A, CHE 107B, CHE 118A, CHE 124A

At least ONE course from:

Chemistry: CHE 118B, CHE 124B or CHE 124C

Total Units for the Minor: 56-63

At most, only one course used in satisfaction of a student's major may be applied to the upper division requirements of the minor.

Students who wish to earn a Chemistry minor should consult with their major adviser in addition to the Chemistry Undergraduate Academic Adviser.