B.S. in Chemistry (ACS Accredited Program)

TA teaching two students

The general B.S. degree in Chemistry is the one chemistry program offered by our department that is certified by the American Chemical Society (ACS). Students in this program pursue a strong foundation in math and physics, in addition to chemistry, taking the higher level sequences of all course options. This degree provides a strong foundation in experimental processes, instrumentation, and quantitative analysis. Students will be well-prepared to apply their chemistry knowledge to a wide array of applications, including environmental, pharmaceutical, materials, and industrial chemistry.

Graduates will be able to successfully pursue their career objectives in advanced education in professional and/or graduate schools, a scientific career in academia, government or industry, a teaching career in the school systems or other related career tracks.

Preparatory Subject Matter: 53 Units

Chemistry: CHE 2 A/B/C or CHE 2 AH/BH/CH
Mathematics: MAT 21 A/B/C/D and MAT 22A, MAT 22AL, MAT 22B
Physics: PHY 9A/B/C (PHY 9D recommended)

Depth Subject Matter: 54 Units

Physical Chemistry: CHE 110 A/B/C
Inorganic Chemistry: CHE 124A, CHE 124L and CHE 124B or CHE 124C
Organic Chemistry: CHE 128 A/B/C and CHE 129 A/B/C
Analytical Chemistry: CHE 105, CHE 115, CHE 125
Biochemistry: CHE 108 

At least FOUR additional upper division units in Chemistry. CHE 199 or CHE 194 is highly encouraged; CHE 107 A/B is not allowed.

Total Units for the Major: 107 Units

Sample Schedule for B.S. Major

This sample schedule has students taking required courses as early in the program as possible to permit the greatest flexibility in choosing electives and allow those who are qualified to engage in a full year of undergraduate research (CHE 194H or 199) in their senior year. Students who plan to continue their studies in graduate school are strongly urged to participate in undergraduate research. Elective courses are shown in italics. 

Fall Winter Spring

Chem 2A (5)

Math 21A (4)

Chem 2B (5)

Math 21B (4)

Chem 2C (5)

Math 21C (4)


Chem 128A (3)

Chem 129A (2)

Math 21D (4)

Chem 128B (3)

Chem 129B (2)

Math 22A (3)

Math 22 AL (1)

Chem 128C (3)

Chem 129C (2)

Math 22B (3)


Physics 9A (4)

Chem 124A (3)

Chem 195 (1)

Physics 9B (4)

Chem 124B (3)

Physics 9C (4)

Chem 124L (2)

Chem 108 (3)


Chem 110A (4)

Chem 105 (4)

Chem 199 (1)

Chem 110B (4)

Chem 115 (4)

Chem 199 (1)

Chem 110C (4)

Chem 125 (4)

Chem 199 (1)

Click here for a list of acceptable elective cources for a B.S. in Chemistry

(One course must include formal lectures.)

CHE100. Environmental Water Chemistry (3)
CHE104. Forensic Applications of Analytical Chemistry (3)
CHE121. Introduction to Molecular Structure and Spectra (4)
CHE122. Chemistry of Nanoparticles (3)
*CHE124B. Inorganic Chemistry: Main Group Elements (3)
*CHE124C. Inorganic Chemistry: d and f Block Elements (3)
CHE130A. Pharmaceutical Chemistry (3)
CHE130B. Pharmaceutical Chemsitry (3)
CHE131. Modern Methods of Organic Synthesis (3)
CHE135. Advanced Bio-organic Chemistry Laboratory (3)
CHE150. Chemistry of Natural Products (3)
CHE194H. Undergraduate Honors Research (2-6)
CHE195. Careers in Chemistry (1)
CHE197. Projects in Chemical Education (1-4)
CHE198. Directed Group Study (1-4)
CHE199. Special Study for Advanced Undergraduates (1-5)

*CHE124B or CHE124C is required for the B.S. degree. If both courses are taken, then one of the two courses will count as an elective.