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Staff Adviser

Perry Gee
Location: 111 Everson Hall

Summer advising sessions are by appointment only. To schedule a meeting with me, please write to the email address noted above.


Peer Advisers

Location: 315 Chemistry

Catherine Chen
Summer Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday, 10:00a-4:00p; Wednesday, 10:00a-12:00p and 2:00-4:00p


Additional Advising in Chemistry

Location: MPS Dean's Office, 111 Everson Hall

Jasmine Durias
Office Hours: TBD

Rachel de los Reyes
Office Hours: Tuesday and Wednesday, 9:30a-12:00p and 1:30-3:30p; Thursday, 9:30a-12:00p

Advising sessions are strictly held to 30-minutes increments, whether you have made an appointment or drop-in. Making an appointment is strongly encouraged. To make an appointment, go to and select "Chemistry."

Peer Tutoring

Peer tutoring is available at no charge for select upper division courses. The summer schedule is pending. If you are interested in specialized tutoring, please refer to our Tutors in Chemistry page.

Faculty Advisers

Professor Julia Chamberlain
216 Chemistry

Professor Annaliese Franz
314 Chemistry

Professor Ozcan Gulacar
316 Chemistry

Professor Ting Guo
226 Chemistry

Professor Delmar Larsen
214 Chemistry

Professor Neil Schore
320 Chemistry

Professor Michael Toney
2469 Chemistry Annex

Professor Lee-Ping Wang
163C Chemistry