We are excited about chemistry at UC Davis! The Educational Outreach Committee (EOC) is composed of faculty, staff and graduate students from the Department of Chemistry. We coordinate and carry out dissemination activities at public events, exhibits and K-12 schools to promote interest in the chemical sciences and awareness of how chemistry impacts everyday life. If you are interested in working with us for an event at your school or organization, please email chem-outreach@ucdavis.edu.

In addition to the EOC, our other primary platforms for educational outreach are:

  • The Chemistry Club - An organization of undergraduate students, run by club officers and supervised by a committee of faculty advisers. The purpose of the Chemistry Club is to provide social, networking and academic activities for students interested in the chemical sciences. Members of the Chemistry Club take an active part in the department's educational outreach activities, performing chemistry demonstrations and activities for the public.
  • Science Café - Science Cafés are a global grassroots movement of live--and lively--events that take place in casual settings (such as pubs and coffee houses), are open to everyone and feature an engaging conversation with a scientist about a particular topic. Professor Jared Shaw hosts these regularly throughout the year in various locations in Downtown Davis. All members of the community are welcomed and invited to join in on scientific discussions.
  • SCInema - SCInema aims to educate a general audience about the current state of science and technology depicted on the silver screen by pairing popular movies with TED-style talks given by leading experts in the field.