A.B. in Chemistry

Chemistry Glassware on Wall Pegs

Preparatory Subject Matter: 36-42 Units

Chemistry: CHE 2 A/B/C or CHE 2 AH/BH/CH
Mathematics: MAT 17 A/B/C or MAT 21 A/B/C
Physics: PHY 7 A/B/C or PHY 9 A/B/C

Depth Subject Matter: 43 Units

Physical Chemistry: CHE 110* A/B/C
Organic Chemistry: CHE 128 A/B/C and CHE 129A, CHE 129B
Analytical Chemistry: CHE 105
Inorganic Chemistry: CHE 124A

*It is highly recommended that MAT 21 A/B/C/D and MAT 22A, 22AL, MAT 22B are completed before enrolling in the CHE 110 series.

At least 11 additional upper division units in Chemistry or related areas, including ONE course with formal lectures. Courses in related areas must be approved in advance by a major adviser. Taking CHE 107 A/B is not allowed.

Total Units for the Major: 79-85 Units

Sample Schedule for A.B. Major

The sample schedule has required courses generally taken as early in the program as possible in order to permit the greatest felxibility in choosing electives and to allow qualified students to elect a full year of undergraduate research in their senior year.

Fall Winter Spring

Chem 2A (5)

Math 21A (4)

Chem 2B (5)

Math 21B (4)

Chem 2C (5)

Math 21C (4)


Chem 128A (3)

Chem 129A (2)

Math 21D (4)

Chem 128B (3)

Chem 129B (2)

Math 22A (3)

Math 22AL (1)

Chem 128C (3)

Chem 129C (2)

Math 22B (3)


Physics 9A (5)

Chem 124A (3)

Physics 9B (5)


Physics 9C (5)



CHE 110A (4)

CHE 105 (4)

CHE 110B (4)


CHE 110C (4)


Taking Math 21D, MAT 22A, 22AL, and 22B as well as the Physics 9 series is highly recommended to prepare for upper division required coursework.
Click here for a list of acceptable elective courses for an A.B. in Chemistry

Atmospheric Science (ATM)

  • 160. Introduction to Atmospheric Chemistry (3)

Biological Sciences (BIS)

  • 102. Structure and Function of Biomolecules (3)
  • 103. Bioenergetics and Metabolism (3)

Biological Sciences: Molecular and Cell Biology (MCB)

  • 120L. Biochemistry Laboratory (6)
  • 121. Molecular Biology of Eukaryotic Cells (3)
  • 122. Structure and Function of Proteins (3)
  • 123. Behavior and Analysis of Enzyme and Receptor Systems (3)
  • 126. Plant Biochemistry (3)
  • 138. Undergraduate Seminar in Biochemistry (1)

Engineering: Applied Science-Davis (EAD)

  • All upper division courses

Engineering: Chemical (ECH)

  • 151. Material Balances (3)

Engineering: Civil and Environmental (ECI)

  • 140. Environmental Analysis of Aqueous Systems (3)

Engineering: Materials Science and Engineering (EMS)

  • 147. Principles of Polymer Materials Science (3)

Environmental Toxicology (ETX)

  • 101. Principles of Environmental Toxicology (3)
  • 132. Chromatography for Analytical Toxicology (4)

Fiber and Polymer Science (FPS)

  • 100. Principles of Polymer Materials Science (3)
  • 150. Polymer Syntheses and Reactions (3)

Food Science and Technology (FST)

  • 103. Physical and Chemical Methods for Food Analysis (5)

Geology (GEL)

  • 146N. Isotope Geochemistry (3)

Physics (PHY)

  • All upper division courses