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Pharmaceutical Chemistry in Taipei, Taiwan

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UC Davis undergraduates have the opportunity to spend Spring Quarter in Taipei studying pharmaceutical chemistry at one of the top 20 research institutions in the world. With this specialized program, students earn academic credits and participate in research internships at Academia Sinica while spending a quarter in Taiwan. In addition, it will provide pharmaceutical chemistry majors with the necessary coursework to earn their degree and non-chemistry majors the unique opportunity to take pharmaceutical chemistry courses. The in-depth research experiences will not only lead to greater exposure to the process of drug discovery but also will help participants clarify career goals in a myriad of scientific professions.


- Spring 2017 Enrollment Period -

The application period to study "Pharmaceutical Chemistry in Taiwan" is typically during the Fall quarter (October through December).

For dates/times about when information sessions will be held to discuss further details about the program, please email


Coursework Abroad (12-18 Units):

  • CHE 130A - Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Part 1)*
  • CHE 130B - Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Part 2)*
  • CHE 130C - Case Studies in Pharmaceutical Chemistry*
  • CHE 150 - Natural Products in Chemistry*
  • CHE 198 - Directed Group Study**
  • CHE 199 - Special Study (Research Units)**

*Students who have already one of these courses may inquire with the Undergraduate Staff Advisor in Chemistry about adding additional research units. 

**Students who opt to take research units must take CHE 198 during winter quarter for 1 unit with Jacquelyn Gervay-Hague. Class typically meets Mondays from 1:10pm-2:00pm during winter quarter. If you are a non-UCD student or you have another class at this time, please contact Jacquelyn Gervay-Hague.

For more information see the Education Abroad Center website and consult with your major advisor

Organic Chemistry in Nottingham

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Complete a key UC Davis organic chemistry sequence in one quarter while studying abroad in historic England. The 128ABC plus 129A (lab) sequence serves chemistry, chemical engineering and food science majors and satisfies the organic chemistry requirement for professional schools such as UC Davis VetMed. The courses are taught by a UC Davis instructor on-site and are accompanied by a course on the local industry, history and culture. The University of Nottingham is a leader in the field of sustainable chemistry and the East Midlands region is rich in history and natural beauty. Nottingham is two-hours from London by train and short flights away from Dublin, Edinburgh, Amsterdam and beyond.


- Fall 2016 Enrollment Deadline -

Application period is now closed.

For dates/times about when future information sessions will be held to discuss further details about this program, please email 


Coursework Abroad (14-19 units)

  • Chemistry (CHE) 128A. Organic Chemistry (3)
  • Chemistry (CHE) 128B. Organic Chemistry (3)
  • Chemistry (CHE) 128C. Organic Chemistry (3)
  • Chemistry (CHE) 129A. Organic Chemistry Lab (2)
  • Chemistry (CHE) 198. Chemistry & Culture (3)
  • Chemistry (CHE) 199. Study/Research Internship (optional 1-5)