UC Davis students work in groups during a Chemistry 2B lab at UC Davis on Monday, May 5, 2014. The students were looking for chemical equilibrium using observational color shifts.

Dial 9-1-1 in the event of an emergency (fire, bomb threat, health, personal injury or hazardous spills requiring outside assistance...). Provide your building location and request an ambulance if any injury has occured.

Chain of Contact for Emergency Actions

After calling 911, contact the first person on the list below; if unavailable, please proceed to contact the next individual listed.

Name Position Phone Office

Debbie Decker

Safety Manager (530) 754-7964
(530) 304-6728 (after hours)
3467 Chemistry Annex
Jessica Potts Department Manager (530) 752-3988
(530) 979-0319 (after hours)
118 Chemistry
Scott Berg Facilities Manager (530) 752-1957
(916) 224-0295 (after hours)
134 Chemistry
David Goodin Vice Chair, Academic Affairs (619) 618-5974 308 Chemistry
Ting Guo Department Chair (530) 754-5283 112/206 Chemistry
Jared Shaw Vice Chair, Infrastructure

(530) 752-9979
(530) 574-2021 (after hours)

326 Chemistry

Safety Resources

Student Wellness Resources for Faculty and Staff

  • Red Folder
    A faculty and staff guide for assisting students of concern. Provides emergency and non-emergency numbers, as well as 24-hour and after hours resources.
  • Student Health and Counseling Services - Helping Dangerous Students
    SHCS offers tips for recognizing troubled students and what you can do to help.
  • Online CARE Report
    This online form is for providing the University with information about a distressed or distressing student. The University will use this information to best determine how to help a student in need.