M.S. Degree Requirements

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Full, detailed degree requirements are available from the Office of Graduate Studies.

M.S. Timeline

Year 1

  • Take and pass any prescribed undergraduate courses with a "B" or better. 
  • Take six graduate courses (1-3 per quarter).
  • Participate in research with your major professor.

Year 2

  • Take remaining three required graduate courses.
  • Nominate your thesis committee and "Advance to Candidacy" with the Office of Graduate Studies.
  • Continue with research, write your thesis and file to graduate.

Graduate Coursework

The following are the courses (excluding seminars) required for the M.S. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry. Descriptions of these courses are available in the General Catalog.

Core Courses (48 units)

  • (4) CHE 231: Organic Synthesis: Methods and Strategies
  • (3) CHE 233: Physical-Organic Chemistry
  • (9) CHE 263: Introduction to Research Methodology
  • (18) CHE 296: Research in Pharmaceutical Chemistry (letter graded)
  • (14) CHE 299*: Research (three quarters minimum)

*Up to six (6) units may be fulfilled in part by internships at domestic and international research facilities with the advance approval of the major professor and the graduate adviser. Courses CHE 231A and 233 must be completed during the first year of enrollment in the program as a condition for satisfactory progress.

If equivalent courses have not been completed prior to enrollment, the following are also required to be completed during the first year:

  • (3) CHE 130A: Pharmaceutical Chemistry I
  • (3) CHE 130B: Pharmaceutical Chemistry II
  • (3) CHE 135: Advanced Bio-organic Chemistry Laboratory

Elective Courses:

  • (3) CHE 131: Organic Synthesis
  • (5) CHE 219/L: Spectroscopy of Organic Compounds
  • (3) CHE 231B: Advanced Organic Synthesis
  • (2) CHE 261: Current Topics in Chemical Research
  • (2) CHE 290: Seminar
  • (1) CHE 295: Careers in Chemistry
  • (3) PHA 207: Drug Discovery