Funding and Financial Support

Two graduate students talking in the Chemistry breezeway

The majority of our Ph.D. students are supported by Teaching Assistantship (TA) and Graduate Student Researcher (GSR) positions, while some are supported entirely by a fellowship or training grant. All our Ph.D. students receive a competitive salary, tuition and fees** paid for and a comprehensive health insurance plan with admission (please note financial support is not provided for students in the M.S. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry program).

**TAs are responsible for paying the campus-based portion of their fees - less than $300 per quarter as a TA.

Teaching Assistantships

As a new graduate student, you will likely be a TA for at least your first three quarters in the program. This gives you the opportunity to gain teaching experience at the University level and to sharpen your understanding of general chemistry, which will prepare you for your Qualifying Examination (QE) in your second year.

Graduate Student Researcher Positions

Research appointments are funded by grants from a faculty adviser, after being formally accepted into a research group. Graduate students are supported as GSRs in the summer following the first academic year and typically more often after you have passed your QE and Advanced to Candidacy.

Training Grants

A training grant is an agreement that provides funding intended to pay stipends to, and provide a coordinated training program for, students who are selected by the institution to be a part of the training program. Training grants are different from fellowships, which generally provide stipends for individuals who are selected by the agency. 

Predoctoral students in Chemistry may be eligible to apply for training grants in Chemical Biology, Biomolecular Technology, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Pharmacology and Environmental Health Sciences. More training grant opportunities are available here

Internal and External Fellowships

Entering and continuing graduate students are eligible to apply annually for Graduate Studies Internal Fellowships, which are awarded competitively based on outstanding scholarship. Be sure to also browse their External Fellowships and Grants listings and check out the recommended fellowship search engines.

Highly qualified undergraduate students are encouraged to apply for pre-doctoral fellowships as early as the Fall of your senior year of college. Such fellowships include those from the National Science Foundation, the Ford Foundation and the Hertz Foundation.

The following are fellowships specific to our program that all eligible domestic incoming students are considered for:

The Bradford Borge Fellowship

The Borge Fellowship was a bequest to the program in 1988 from Louis Borge and his wife, Mamie H. Borge, in memory of their son Bradford who was a graduate student in our program.  The fellowship is awarded to domestic applicants who demonstrate high promise for excellence in chemical research.

The Fred P. Corson/Dow Chemical Company Fellowship

Fred ’64, Ph.D., ’67, and Mary Jane Corson established the Corson/Dow Graduate Fellowship in in 1998.  This endowed fellowship supports high-achieving graduate students in our program.  Fred Corson earned both his UC Davis degrees in chemistry.  When he retired from a successful career with Dow Chemical, the endowment was established with contributions from the Corsons and Dow.  Over the years, the couple has generously contributed nearly $250,000 to the fellowship fund.

The GAANN Fellowship*

Chemistry Ph.D. students are invited to apply for fellowships including a stipend and research/educational funds.  These funds have been made available through a grant from the U.S. Department of Education's Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need (GAANN) program and also from UC Davis.  The program is designed to provide additional support to fellowship recipients to prepare them for academic careers (research and/or teaching).

Candidates must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents planning to pursue a Ph.D. in Chemistry and have an interest in teaching.  Selection is based on:  (i) demonstrated interest and planning an academic career, (ii) financial need, (iii) overall academic record, and (iv) letters of recommendation.  GAANN Fellowship recipients are highly distinguished and, as such, are expected to perform above and beyond the norm.  In addition to the normal requirements for their doctorate degree, our GAANN Fellowship recipients participate in a mentored teaching experience and receive additional training in pedagogy skills and science communication.   

Applications from all eligible candidates are welcomed, but priority will be given to incoming graduate students and graduate students in their 1st thru 3rd years. 

*Please note that applications for this fellowship are not currently being accepted and when applications will be accepted a call will be sent out seeking applications.