Emeriti Faculty

Emeriti Faculty
Fawcett, Ronald W. Analytical and physical chemistry rwfawcett@ucdavis.edu
Fink, William H. Theoretical and computational chemistry whfink@ucdavis.edu
Friedrich, Sevgi Sumer Lecturer in organic and general chemistry
Friedrich, Edwin C. Reaction mechanisms and solvolytic kinetics ecfriedrich@ucdavis.edu
Hope, Hakon X-ray diffraction and crystal structures hhope@ucdavis.edu
Jackson, William M. Photodissociation dynamics with velocity ion imaging wmjackson@ucdavis.edu 1440 Chemistry Annex
Kelly, Peter B. Environmental, analytical and physical chemistry pbkelly@ucdavis.edu 2471 Chemistry Annex
LaMar, Gerd N. Biophysical and bioinorganic chemistry gnlamar@ucdavis.edu
Meares, Claude F. Bioconjugate chemistry, protein engineering cfmeares@ucdavis.edu 3469 Chemistry Annex
Musker, Kenneth W. Coordination chemistry, organosulfur chemistry wkmusker@ucdavis.edu
Nambiar, Krishnan Synthetic bioorganic chemistry and molecular recognition


Olmstead, Marilyn M. X-ray crystallography and inorganic chemistry


1440 Chemistry Annex
Schmid, Carl W. Molecular biology cwschmid@ucdavis.edu 218 Briggs
Smith, Kevin Chemical, biochemical, electrochemical, and spectroscopic smith@chem.ucdavis.edu
Swinehart, James H. Metals in biology and aquatic systems swinehar@ucdavis.edu
Takahashi, Joyce N. Redox reactions of organosulfur compounds
Tinti, Dino S. Optical and magnetic resonance spectroscopy dstinti@ucdavis.edu 1440 Chemistry Annex
True, Nancy S. Magnetic resonance and microwave spectroscopy true@chem.ucdavis.edu
Zweifel, George Organic synthesis via organometallics gszweifel@ucdavis.edu