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The NMR Facility provides qualified researchers in the biological, medical, and physical sciences access to state-of-the-art NMR instrumentation for spectroscopy and imaging. The Facility presently operates ten spectrometers of varying purposes and capabilities, four of which are operated jointly with the Chemistry Department and located in the Chemistry building. One Avance 500 spectrometer, located in Kemper Hall, is devoted to solid state NMR spectroscopy. Four additional instruments are located at the MedSci NMR facility (MS1-D), about a five minute bike ride from the Chemistry building. All of the spectrometers are multinuclear and a large variety of liquids, solids, surface, and imaging coils are available for use. Personal desktop NMR processing software is available, or the Facility also has Linux computers for off-line data processing. Listed below are the NMR spectrometers with their field strengths and primary use.


UC Davis Chemistry
Spectrophotometer Proton Frequency Tesla Primary Use Loacation
Avance 800 800 MHz 18.8 Liquids spectroscopy MS1-D
Avance 600 600 MHz 14.1 Liquids spectroscopy MS1-D
VNMRS 600 600 MHz 14.1 Liquids spectroscopy Chem 93
Avance 500 500 MHz  11.75 Solid spectroscopy Kemper 51
Avance 500 500 MHz 11.75 Liquids spectroscopy MS1-D
Avance 400 400 MHz 9.4 In vitro spectroscopy MS1-D
400 AVIIIHD Nanobay 400 MHz 9.4 Liquids spectroscopy Chem 93
Mercury-300 300 MHz 7.05 Liquids spectroscopy Chem 93
MercuryPlus-300 300 MHz 7.05 Liquids spectroscopy Chem Annex 3470
Biospec 7T 300 MHz 7.05 In vitro spectroscopy, imaging MS1-D

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To contact NMR Facility Staff:

Bennett Addison: jbaddison@ucdavis.edu or 530-752-7677

Jeff Walton: jhwalton@ucdavis.edu or 530-752-7794

Ping Yu: pyu@ucdavis.edu or 530-752-4396 (contact for solid state NMR in Kemper Hall)

NMR Training:

The Facility provides an annual training class (offered every Fall quarter as BCM 230) to the campus to enable users with long term research projects to independently operate the spectrometers. in the spring quarter, CHE 219 and 219L is offered as a Graduate level course for Spectroscopy of Organic compounds. Further information on training and the Facility, including spectrometer scheduling procedures, are available from the Facility office, 752-7677 or jhwalton@ucdavis.edu 

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