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  • "Buildings, bikes and even our purple gloves are green" from UC Davis News and Information. Lisa Anderson, a Ph.D. student in the Franz Lab, and Jillian Emerson, teaching lab specialist, are recognized for introducing a glove recycling program.
  • The W.M. Keck Foundation's Medical Research Program presented Professor Angelique Louie a grant for $1 million. This grant will help fund her project "In Vivo 3D Imaging Using Bioluminescent Gene Reporters and MRI," which she is undertaking in collaboration with Professors Yohei Yokobayashi and Jared Shaw. Click here for the article.
  • "Sweet smell of sustainability: renewable sources for artificial scents" from UC Davis News and Information. Professor Shota Atsumi and his team are engineering bacteria to make esters.
  • Professor Mark Mascal is using a new techique that makes "biogasoline" from plant waste." Click here for the article.
  • Safety officer Debbie Decker was quoted by C&EN: "Just wrapping people up in a lab coat and gloves doesn't automatically make them safe."
  • Professor Delmar Larsen's ChemWiki project received a grant of $250,000 from the National Science Foundation. Click here for the article and watch Dr. Larsen's first televison interview on Good Day Sacramento.
  • Professors Mike Toney, Shota Atsumi and Justin Siegel were awarded a DOE ARPA-E grant to convert ethylene to butanol. Currently, ethylene is readily available and used by the chemicals and plastics industries to produce a wide range of useful products, but it cannot be converted to fuels economically. If successful, the new biocatalyst would enable cost-effective converstion of ethylene into an existing infrastructure-compatible fuel.
  • Gabriela Borba Mondo was an undergraduate chemistry student visiting UC Davis as a part of "Science Without Borders" from the Federal University of Santa Catarina (Brazil). She spent her summer in the Kauzlarich Lab working with Alexandra Holmes on the synthesis of Germanium and silicon-germanium nanoparticles for energy conversation applications such as photovoltaics. Regarding her time at UC Davis, she says, "Being abroad is, by its own, an exciting experience. I am glad I came to UC Davis and was able to take classes and conduct research. The experience of working in a research is very rewarding. It is a moment where you can apply what you learned on classes in real science, and also to get a sense on how knowledge is constructed and how it is transmitted. To me, this experience was extremely enriching, both academically and personally."
  • Undergraduate student James Fulmer was named first author on two papers in JACS and Inorganic Chemistry. James has been working with Professor Kirill Kovnir and his research group for the past one-and-a-half years to earn this distinction.
  • TED Talk: "Science vs. God: Bryan Enderle at TEDxUCDavis."



  • Dr. Justin Siegel has accepted the offer to join UC Davis. His appointment will be in both the School of Medicine and Department of Chemistry. His labs will be located in the Genome center, which brings wonderful opportunities for the chemistry department to formally interact with the Genome Center in addition to the School of Medicine.
  • Professor Alex Navrotsky and her colleagues Peter C. Burns at University of Notre Dame and Rodney C. Ewing at University of Michigan published a review article in Science in which they discuss the “current understanding of nuclear fuel interactions with the environment, including studies over the relatively narrow range of geochemical, hydrological, and radiation environments relevant to geological repository performance, and discuss priorities for research needed to develop future predictive models.”